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How to Keep Climbing in a Hypercompetitive Corporation


There is a famous quote saying, “The best way to thrive is not to compete at all, rather than to compete and risk losing.” Do you agree?

Competition can be really tiring and challenging but we cannot escape from it because the world is full of competition. Especially in business, the game is on all the time and if you are too afraid of taking risks, you might never win at all.

In the unpredictable and highly competitive world, staying on top depends on your ability to stand out and make the best of every opportunity coming to you. You need to work on your corporate ladder and achieve the best out of the best. Because as you crawl the ladder of success, you will have to deal with better and smarter people who can beat you down easily – if you play safe.

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That being said, while fighting in a competition is a daunting task to do, you should always keep in mind that only through a competition you can achieve success. For every individual who craves for success, here are some tips for you to keep climbing in a hypercompetitive ladder.

1.   Befriend and involve yourself in a healthy competition

“You may win, but winning by decreasing your own value is the same as losing.” To avoid useless competition, you should be smart in choosing which one is your enemy and your friend. Being friends with your rivals does not mean you need to help them all the time and thus ignore your own goals. You need to remember that friend is friend and competition is competition.

2.    Bring visibility to work

Proof your efforts by bringing some evidence-based on what you are doing to improve yourself. It will help make employer notice your abilities and you can claim a rightful recognition for a well-done job. Show pride and speak up your achievements.

3.    Upskilling and reskilling your potentials

Matthew Sigelman said, “Your organisation is moved by the skills that you have. The evolution of individuals in a company ultimately translates to the evolution of a company.”

This implies that skill is essentially useful and needed to climb up higher achievements. Therefore, it is important for you to both get a new skill and upgrade your current skills.

4.     Push yourself and spill over your limits

“Go beyond your limit, but don’t let yourself be consumed by greed.”

Being in a comfort zone is very enjoyable. It is like a cold morning and you don’t want to get out of bed, right? However, successful people, without exception, are never in their comfort zones, especially in the early step to achieve success. So, if you aspire to be one of them someday, you should learn from their behaviour by starting and not being afraid of the perils.

5.      Sharpen your instinct and take initiative

To shine your way out of the crowd is by building something that everyone notices. You don’t need to build a skyscraper or monument. You can start small but good behaviour such as going to work on time, finishing the project on time, or contributing to solving a company’s issue, instead. And all of this can be started with your initiative. Be insightful with solution, take initiative to deliver the solution, and speak yourself up.

“Lastly, focus and concentrate on your success is a key – and everyone, everything else is a step to achieve it.”

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