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How to Improve Internal Recruitment Process

Here’s the situation: your company is in urgent need of new experienced talent for a leader role, but you do not have much time to fetch them through long and complicated recruitment process. What should you do, then?

Internal hiring can be the best solution during such cases. You already know your employee’s professional skills and performance, their work styles as well as weaknesses and strengths, such that you know who will be the best fit for the role. Recruiting current employee for new role will also help you find qualified talent without having to go through costly and lengthy external recruitment. That being said, hiring internally can save company more time and money, as internal recruitment costs are cheaper. As time is money, it is obvious that internal recruitment is more efficient to fill the position. You do not have to spend a lot of time to create and publish job ads, rummage through hundreds of incoming resumes, or conduct tiring interview sessions.

Beside that, an internal recruitment gives your employee the opportunity to develop and have a career growth. This, in turn, can encourage loyalty and boost morale at work. But before considering to organise an internal hiring, you should know that it also brings some risks such as workplace jealousy, employee misplacement, and lack of fresh perspectives.

Therefore, to achieve an optimum benefits from internal recruitment, you should understand how to conduct an effective internal hiring. Here are some tips to ensure your company is in the right place to recruit from within:

Prepare the process

When you are about to run an internal recruiting process, make sure that you already set up the process well. You can start from arranging who should be included in the decision-making process, then create a clear and concise policy between managers and employees regarding the opportunity. You should also manage a particular job posting system such as sending employees an announcement email about the available role that includes an application form and regulations for them who are interesting in applying as candidates. Therefore, your employee can get a clear vision about the recruiting process and it will help you get an effective internal hiring process.

Use recruitment tools

One of the advantages of digitalisation is that it creates various sophisticated tools that makes life easier, including in recruiting process. Among the tools you can use is applicant tracking system that automates screening software and uses artificial intelligent to learn what good candidates look like based in past hiring decisions. The software learn about your employees experience, skills, and other qualifications then automatically screen, grade and shortlist the candidates.  Today, there are many automated software to help your recruitment process. One of them is JazzHR, a powerful, user-friendly, and affordable applicant tracking system.

Encourage the workforce

Being in comfort zone always comes as a comfortable option for some employees. At this point, you should let your employees know that you want them to apply for the internal hiring by encouraging them to recognise new opportunities and take on new responsibilities that can develop their skills, experience, as well as their career. If it turns out that they are unqualified for the role, you should provide constructive feedbacks and offer useful advices for their growth.

Avoid subjectivity

You should make sure that the whole internal recruitment process is done fairly in a transparent process. By gathering multiple perspectives from the stakeholder involved in the decision-making process, it will lead to an objective perspective so you can decide the most suitable candidates for the role. Besides, you can also avoid an unfair decision caused by subjectivity.

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