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How LinkedIn Search Insight Helps Recruiter Hire Top Talents


LinkedIn is where 500+ million professionals come to connect, stay informed, and get hired. It is one of the largest and fast-growing social networks for professionals at every level and industries, including job seekers, recruiters, founders, speakers, and so on. According to Pew Research Center, LinkedIn remains popular with college students and those in high-income households. Some 50 percent of Americans with a college degree use LinkedIn, compared with just 9 percent of those with a high school diploma or less. 

The statistic showed that LinkedIn could be a perfect platform for employers or recruiters who seek talented individuals to join their company. Even better, a survey suggested that employees sourced through the site are 40 percent less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months, something that could be an advantage for employers looking for loyal employees. 

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LinkedIn talent solutions 

As LinkedIn is named among popular social networking for professionals, recruiters should not miss this chance. To quickly prioritise and identify quality talents on LinkedIn, recruiters could use LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Here is how the talent solutions could help with search insight quickly. 

1- Set effective search strategies 

Top recruiters have the ability to analyze and understand talent pools, but according to a LinkedIn survey, only one-third of recruiters say they have the tools they need to do this well. With search insights, recruiters can get a deeper understanding of the talent market and identify the best talent pools to recruit from.

2 - Manage hiring manager expectations 

LinkedIn survey cited that 82 percent of recruiters said their hiring managers can have unrealistic expectations. With LinkedIn insights, recruiters can summarize market data to educate hiring managers about the realities of any given talent pool. These insights will help recruiter and hiring managers determine, for example, whether you should expand your search to new markets or adjust the compensation or title. 

3 - Build rapport with candidates 

Search insights can help recruiters advise candidates on current market dynamics. For example, a recruiter can share data with candidates about what experience they’ll need for a role, which job markets are most competitive, or who the top employers are in a certain pool. 

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