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Getting Rejected from Jobs? 5 Real Reasons Why


How many times have you applied for a job? Dozens? Hundreds? Or even thousands?  

The struggle of landing yourself an actual job can be a pain in the neck. Despite your utmost efforts in sending your resumes and job applications to many companies, it seems that luck is not in your favour yet. You have gone through rounds of tests and interviews, but you haven’t received any good news of employment offer.

At this point, you might have been wondering why. You always give your best and you think your resume is excellent. But why do your efforts end in vain? You never know the true reasons why you keep getting rejected because the hiring manager never tells you. Well, search further no more. Below, we share five reasons why you don’t get that job:

1. You never update your skills

First of all, have you noticed that you use the same resume for different companies? That is the reason why your dream employers have not called you for a month. People tend to be lazy to change something that they deem as good already, including when it comes to making a resume. The truth is, sending the same resume to different companies with different job roles is not a good idea. Each company might require different qualifications for each job role, so the hiring manager might think that you are not serious in applying for the job when you send a resume that contains mismatched skills.

Therefore, before sending your resume, it is better for you to read the job description carefully instead of just skipping the details. You might find that different skills are required from each role, so as best as possible, you should match your resume to what they are looking for.

2. You have poor first impression

You have been attending countless rounds of interviews but none of them call you again. You do not do well during the interview? Could be. But this can also be that the recruiter sees your first impression as a toxic candidate who does not deserve to work in that company you are applying to. Another possible answer is that, you do not care enough about your first impression which is crucial when applying a job. For this reason, you should know yourself better and possibly, acknowledge your personality strength and weakness before attending job interview.

3. You cannot compete against other applicants

You should never think that you are the only candidate who applies for a role. Getting a job at a good company that offers well-paid salary is everyone’s dream. No wonder, hundreds candidates will apply for the job. Normally, only 20s candidates who will be invited for an interview - which becomes the reason why your application gets rejected.

It is true that you do not know who apply and what skills they offer for the same job position. Therefore, in order to stand out from the crowd and compete against other candidates, you should always check your application twice or trice and possibly, ask your competent friend to proofread your job application and ask his feedbacks.  

4. You do not provide enough description

When writing a cover letter or resume, you should make sure that the recruiter can answer these questions just by reading it.

  • Who are you?

  • What are you looking for?

  • What are your goals for the company?

  • Why do you apply for that job position?  

As natural as possible, try to describe the answer neatly yet professionally in your resume or cover letter. Usually, your resume do not get shortlisted because you fail to put detailed information about yourself. This might confuse recruiters and in the end, they do not process your application further.  

5. You are overqualified

A rare, yet true, reason why you are getting rejected is because you are ‘overqualified’ for the position. Sometimes, HR managers see it as a threat for their company because you are more than what they are actually looking for. Another reason is because they might not afford to pay you enough, want to keep you long enough but sure you will resign as soon as you get better offer, concern that you will be bored, etc.

Yet, Nicholas Chavez, a successful entrepreneur, once said that, “In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” Owing to this, you can always negotiate with the HR manager about this and make sure to convey the reason why you are keen in joining the team.

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