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Fresh Graduate, Get Yourself Ready to Face These Challenges in the Workplace!

Thank God it’s graduation day! Now that you have finished school and received your diploma, you cannot wait for the days you get your first job and earn your own money. After years dealing with endless homework and killer teachers at college, joining the professional world might sound like a good idea. But don’t be too happy yet, as your career journey just begins.

Many said that ‘real life starts after college’, and that could be true. While you might have faced various kinds of obstacles at school and college, you will find that the challenges you have to face in the workplace are on different types and levels. Are you ready to tackle them?

Adapting yourself to the new environment during transition period could be hard, but you will eventually get used to it. However, to avoid any culture shock that might let you down during the first days at work, you need to mentally prepare yourself in anticipating for these challenges. If you are fresh graduate ready to start your first job, here are 5 challenges you need to be prepared for:

Getting tired on the first week

‘What a tiring day!’ is the sentence you will express in the end of the first day you work. First day is the day you can not wait for, but when it comes, it runs so slowly. Then you can not wait for the evening to come so you can go home. More days, it is being a worry that you are going to feel the same tired everyday. The truth is not really like that, you are just in a transition period. By the time, you will normally run your days with your enthusiasm to do your project by project.

Hit by light stress

In the beginning, you might underestimate yourself as you find it so difficult to meet particular target set by your supervisor. Worse, it feels more suppressive when your coworkers ask you to work faster. It also
comes as a shocking moment when you realise that your job is not as easy as what you learnt in college. Everything feels complicated and you easily get dizzy. When this happens, you should get ahold of yourself and be patient.

Difficulty in managing time

What a busy day! You wish the day were longer so you have more time to meet the tight deadline. When one task is completed, many others are waiting already. Not to mention, your family or friends also ask for your help at the same time. This situation might occur after months you work when your team begins to entrust with many works and as you become busier, your friend or family will miss having a quality time with you. To escape from this problem, you should manage your schedule based on priority.

Getting tired of the work environment

Work environment could be the reason for you to be excited and tired at the same time. Your coworkers might be your mood booster to show up at work every morning, but sometimes they are the mood buster as well. Difference in working style or habit from your coworkers might make you feel like you do belong to there anymore. There is possibility that you think about resigning for this reason, but you know that it is just a phase of working life. All you need to do is just stay wise and professional.

The grass is greener on the other side

You meet up with your classmate and he proudly tells you about his new job. Be it his salary, tasks, benefits, facility, culture, or others factors, there is something that make his job sounds much better than yours. Feeling a little bit envious, you might regret about your current job. At this point, you should remember how you felt the same pride as your friend in the first time you work. Every job has its own problem and there might be bigger problem than yours out there.

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