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Five Ways Job Search Has Changed for Millennials in the Digital Era

Technology has been much of a game-changer in how people conduct business. And the process of recruitment holds no exception. In the midst of this changing face of the global economy, and its impact on hiring and job hunting process the workforce demography has brought about a culture of inclusivity as well.

It is projected that by 2020, a massive amount of workforce will be entering the retirement phases of their lives, to leave vacant job roles for the Millennials to soon take over. Digital transformation has changed the way people look for jobs today.

Decades ago people used to spend weeks, months, and sometimes a year to find a job that matches their qualifications and requirements. However today, everything can be done in just a matter of few minutes on a  smartphone app. If previously, you chose to wander streets all day visiting companies door-to-door asking for available job openings, today advent of technology has made lives easier to help individuals access latest job openings, right from the comfort of home on their fingertips.

For Millennials, who have spent most of their childhood habituated with technology and Internet, it would be hard to imagine or understand, why should someone be willing to spend their time hitting the pavement to ask and enquire for vacancies from potential employers. Why sweat out, when all you need to do is log into your PC and apply for the company's job opening online?

Expanding this thought of how digital transformation has impacted lives and workplaces, here are five ways on job search has changed for Millennials in the digital era:

1.       Just Google it

You name it and you find it on the world’s leading search engine, Google. Right from the simplest things on how to cook instant noodles, to how to assemble a mechanic robot, you can find all the information you need just by searching, and clicking on Google.

As the biggest search engine in the world, many job seekers take advantage of Google to find jobs that suit their interests and competencies. Just by typing a keyword (even the broader ones), Google can help narrow down your search parameters to find you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

2.       Online application for jobs

Bidding goodbye to an era when every job application was handwritten and sent by post. Today everything has gone from minimal paper to paperless. If you want to apply for a job opening, all you need to do is, just create an account on the company website or an online job board, and upload your resume, fill out the necessary information, and click 'Apply'. The whole process requires no more than 5 minutes of your daily life.

3.       Deposit resume

You do not have to repeatedly upload your resume every time you get online, if you want to apply for different job openings, either for the same or a different company. Now, many job portals allow you to deposit your resume. This feature allows you to store resumes in the system, customise it, and send it to employers at any point in time.

4.       Mobile job search

You no longer have to get online via PC only to send out your CV. With the proliferation of job portal apps, which you can download easily on your Smartphone, job search has become much more convenient and easy. As you wait for your lunch in a restaurant, you can immediately send out your application the moment you know of it, through a notification on mobile. What makes it even better is, it is Free.

5.       Video call interview

When you are notified of an interview with a company far off from where you live or even in a different country, you do not have to travel all the way for an interview. Technology has made life much more convenient and easy, you can conduct face-to-face interviews in a virtual setting through video call interviews.

Not only is this method cost-efficient and practical, it's also proved to be successful to attract best talents beyond the border.

Ready or not, the digital future is here. Despite digital convenience and ease of accessibility to find jobs, job seekers should be careful not to fall victims of fake scam jobs scattered all around the web. Good luck in your search!

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