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Employment Tips for Single Parents to Start Over


According to Census Bureau, on behalf of their children, single parents are willing to make an effort to create a better life as they are the only breadwinner in the family. But how does a company think about hiring a single parent? 

Despite Legal law said that companies must not dismiss a single parent candidate, many employers still think twice to hire single working parents. Cornell study found that working parents often face a disadvantage in getting hired. And even if they are being hired, they are likely to be discriminated against in the workplace by getting a lower salary or facing a perception that they would be less committed to their job. Working parents, especially single ones, are also typically seen as unreliable because they might have to take excessive absences to take care of their young-age children. When an employee keeps asking for leave, this could affect the company's bottom line for lost productivity. 

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So, how should a single parent start their career journey? Here are useful tips from Talentvis. 

Identify family-friendly company policies 

The first step is to put your focus on corporations that have a good family policy. However, it could be hard for you to access the employee handbook regarding company policy as an outsider. In this case, you can check the company culture by stalking your targeted employer’s social media, online review, review from current and past employees, interview session, or asking a recruiter agency. In addition, do remember to choose a company that offer work flexibility, part-time or remote jobs so you can have a better time with your family. Start your journey here

Switch to freelance jobs opportunities 

An alternative to full-time work option, you can work as a freelancer. There are plenty of platforms you can use to sell your skills and get a client, such as Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, Travelista, etc. 

A bit of tip to help you stand out from the freelancer crowd, you should be smart in managing your “rate-setting”. According to Laura Pennington, there are five factors that influence your rates, such as follows: 

  • Your experience in the field 

  • The technical expertise or amount of research required for the project you take 

  • The estimated time to complete the project 

  • Whether other aspects of your time, like conducting interviews, will be part of the project

  • The length of the project. 

You should make it clear to your client regarding the aspects above. For the charges, you should adjust your rate accordingly. Usually, a fresh-start freelancer will set an hourly rate for creating an estimate. But it is not something most professionals rely on over the long run. 

Update and align your skills and knowledge to the job you want to apply 

After getting the company you desire to apply, you should diligently update your resume. Write up-to-date skills and certifications. Provide a brief summary of your achievements and remember to write your recent email and mobile phone number. When writing your resume, be sure to put any knowledgeable information as required by the industry you are applying. 

Do not lie during the interview

You’ve made it this far, congratulations on your interview invitation! Just a simple reminder here, never lie to recruiter or hiring manager about your status. Albeit it might decrease your chance of getting hired, the truth will always find its way. Thus, rather than risking your credibility for later, it is better to be transparent about your situation. Read here for what you should prepare before the D-day interview. 

When no corporation suits your needs, operating a small business is a good choice to survive 

It is never easy for a single parent to provide food on the table. So, when everything does not work, you can start a microbusiness. There are so many options you can do, such as elaborating your passion to produce your first homemade cookies then sell it to customers. If you are handy with trinkets, you can start making art from it and sell it to an eCommerce platform. If you are good at writing, you can start your own blog and be an affiliate. 

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