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Don’t Give Up Just Yet: 5 Things to Do After Getting Fired


"Due to current recession, the company is downsizing. We’ve had to let some people go, and you’ve been affected.”

How would you feel when receiving this message in your inbox on one morning? As scary as it might be, getting fired from your job especially in today’s economic climate can be the worst nightmare you’ve ever had to face. While this experience could be very stressful, it doesn’t have to be the end of your world. You should not worry too much as it will only give you more stress and eventually lead into depression. Instead, you should face it with positivity as you never know what the future will bring for you.

What is the best way to cope with involuntary termination, then? Following these tips might help you get out of such nerve-racking situation.  

Ask for a second chance – ‘We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance’, Harrison Ford said. You have no idea why you’ve been fired, or maybe you did. Whichever your situation is, it is still better to ask for a second chance (if you really love your job). Asking clarification can often salvage your job and your relationship with the company.

File for unemployment benefits – If you have given all your effort to find out why you’ve been fired, and it did not work. Chances are not on your side, then?

You better find out – as soon as you can – whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits or not and file documents needed for it. It usually depends on your circumstances of your dismissal and what state you live in. You can be eligible for one and it can help you pay bills while you still cope with your next gig.

Understand why you’ve been fired – In line with the first point, asking clarification can have a lead and you can get a clue on what makes you being terminated. You can understand what went wrong in your job or role. Oftentime, it is because you are no longer a good fit for a company or no longer fulfil company’s expectations. By knowing the reasons, this can help you make the right changes on yourself and give a better ‘second’ chance on your future self.

Keep your spirit and move on – Take a break from anything that burdens you, at least a week before jump into your next plan – getting another job. You need to relax your mind and bring back a positive attitude so you can dismiss every negative thought that might cross on your mind.

During that time too, you can think of your better future career. You can choose between doing the same exact things like working in the same position or doing something that’s totally different. If you are ready for the next move, you should get your social media and resume ready, as well as focus on the skills that are most ideally suited your vocation. You can make a list of “must haves” from your next career by reflecting on what you like most and dislike from you previous experiences.

Prepare for another job application and interview – Start putting words out for another position you are looking for and sending out tailored cover letters and resumes to your ideal position. You should also be ready to be asked and discuss why you are terminated from your last job. Best to be honest here, tell the employer the truth whether you are underperformed or else, and address changes you make so it won’t happen again.

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