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Build the Bridge: How to Approach Recruiters?

Talk to recruiters, they say. It will help you find a job, they say. But they don’t say, how exactly can you do that? 

Dealing with such a dilemma? Stay with us and you’ll get the idea!

Approaching recruiters and actually connecting with them may seem daunting, especially if you’re new to the job market. Needless to say, you can’t collaborate if you don’t communicate well, so knowing how to communicate effectively with a recruiter is critical. When you are able to articulate your expectations and share your concerns with them, only then they can help you find the best job opportunities. Good communication is not something you can learn overnight, so the best way to master the skill is to prepare well and practice. 

Today, Talentvis shares several useful tips you can adopt when approaching recruiters. Here they are:


  1. Conduct a Proper Research

Avoid meeting a recruiter before you've done your research on the company they represent. Effective communication with a recruiter is based on how much research has been conducted before the interview. Start by investigating the company they represent and collecting information on their CEO, employee feedback, corporate culture, promotional videos, and vision statement. You will be prepared for every part of the interview process if you have this information.

Dawn Rasmussen, a certified résumé writer and president of Pathfinder Writing and Career Services, also emphasized on the importance of proper research. The more research you conduct on a company, the more information you can bring up during the interview. It will be much simpler to incorporate some of that information into your answers if you are well-read and informed on the target company. Employers like it when you take the effort to learn more about their company than just the surface.


  1. Make a Good First Impression

A strong first impression, like most other interactions, is likely to enhance your chances of having a productive discussion. This may be done by quickly returning any missed phone calls, immediately responding to emails, being on time, displaying good manners, and appearing self-assured. Other strategies to boost your first impression include reaching out to the recruiter when you are interested in a position they are recruiting for. This implies that you are genuine about your objectives while saving the recruiter time. When you have a positive rapport with a recruiter, it may help you stand out among the large numbers of other applicants seeking the same position.


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  1. Maintain a Moderate Confidence

When communicating with a recruiter, you should appear flexible but not overly so. In a job search, the sense of hopelessness can happen. The key is to not tell a recruiter you'll "take anything" as this will indicate a low self worth. On the other hand, it is not advised to appear as smug. If you are overly confident about yourself, the recruiter may deem you as cocky, hence minimizing your chance to land a job. It is important to maintain a moderate confidence.

Sometimes, it is difficult to do a self assessment when it comes to emotional aspects like confidence. It can be helpful to do a mock interview with your friend who can give an honest input. Prepare a set of questions and get your friend to ask you those. Let your friend judge your answers honestly, even if you sound too unmotivated or overly confident. Practicing this can give you insight on what you should and should not say in the real interview.


  1. Use the Right Keywords

When making resumes, it is important to conduct research on the job ad and hiring company in order to find keywords that may be featured. You may even be eager to repeat these in an in-person interview with a recruiter. However, when meeting with a recruiter in person, try and make your discussion more genuine rather than using keywords. If the advertisement includes phrases such as "ability to multitask" or "quick learner," discuss your skills rather than stating that you are a fast learner or can multitask. Explaining keywords might provide the recruiter with a deeper understanding of your work ethic while you can still appear genuine. Authentic, meaningful narratives will set you apart from the majority of candidates and may be the most interesting aspect of your interview.


  1. Ask Interesting Questions

Another strategy to impress a recruiter is to ask critical questions. Although the recruiter is generally the one who asks the most questions, inquiries based on prior research might suggest that you understand the position and are familiar with the company. Ask questions that prove to the recruiter that you want to learn more about the position, the business culture, and success in the role is measured. Here are several topics you can ask questions about:

  • the company’s values and how one can best  represent those values

  • opportunities for professional development within the company

  • most challenging aspect of the job

  • day-to-day responsibilities, and many more


If you are a fresh graduate with little to no experience about an interview, you may feel overly anxious about it. Overthinking about the interview, but doing nothing to overcome worst case scenarios, can lead to worse anxiousness once the day is there. Try to keep a clear mind; worry less, prepare more. Best of luck to you!


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