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Beginner's Guide to New Skill: UI design

Interested to master a new skill that is actually in high demand today? You might want to consider learning about User Interface (UI) design. 
As the name suggests, UI design is concerned with how users interact with a web or application interface. It deals with how people move from one screen to another, as well as the visual touch points they see. Despite dealing with a web or application layout, the great thing about this skill is that you do not need an education background in graphic design or computer science to master it. 
Here is a beginner’s guide to UI design skills you can study to get yourself prepared for a new career journey.


Overview of UI Design
UI design is one of the top ten fastest-growing careers, with a 74 percent month-over-month growth in job listings, according to LinkedIn. This is due to the rise in demand for high-quality digital products and experiences, which is anticipated to continue long after 2021.
UI designers are visual designers that develop the appearances and designs of user interfaces in software for applications, websites, and other digital products. UI designers have contributed to the creation of the digital experiences encountered on a daily basis. They ensure that these platforms are not just visually appealing, but also intuitive, accessible, and inclusive. Colors, typefaces, and buttons are all designed to create an interface that people will find simple and enjoyable to use. Everyone with a willingness to learn can pursue a career as a UI designer and the very first step to do it is learning the tools required. 

Here are some softwares for UI design you can start learning, even if you are a beginner.


  • Software to Start: Sketch

For Mac users who are interested in learning UI design, Sketch can be the go-to software. This software is exclusively made for Mac users and is unavailable for either Windows or Linux. Used by many professionals, Sketch is also suitable for beginners who aspire to be a UI designer. You pay once for the software and may use it for as long as you like, but you must renew your license every year to receive updates. 
With the paid subscription, there are plenty of perks of Sketch. It is one of the finest UI prototype and wireframing tools available. Sketch is a vector-based tool that allows you to scale whatever you have designed without compromising quality. Symbols is a great feature in Sketch UI kits that allows you to build UI components and features for reuse. This feature aids in the creation of design systems and the consistency of user interfaces, as well as the easy conversion of your concept into a clickable prototype. Sketch's library of layer styles, text styles, and symbols saves you time and ensures that your prototypes are consistent. Sketch may appear to be a basic software on the surface, but it offers a variety of high - end features that can save you time and make your ideas much more manageable. 

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  • Software to Start: Figma

Compared to Sketch which is a desktop software available exclusively to Mac users, Figma works in-browser so it can be accessed more easily. This provides Figma a significant edge in terms of cooperation. This software is beneficial if you need to work collaboratively with other developers, copywriters, and designers on the same thing simultaneously, so you do not need to install the application and can access it online via the website. Figma features mobile apps as well as desktop programs for Windows and Mac, and it provides a one-stop experience for all of your designing, prototyping, and feedback needs. Its user-friendly features and strong editing capabilities make it a pleasure to use.


Essential tips for Beginners

Herdina Primasanti, an Indonesian student who majored in English Literature, took an initiative to learn UI design, even though it was not taught in school. She started her learning journey by watching some free YouTube videos on introduction to UI design. Figma was the first UI design software she used to learn about UI design, since she is a Windows user. According to her, if you have an extra budget and are considering UI design as a professional career, a paid course and certification will come in handy. Other than Figma, she said that Adobe XD is also useful for UI design, but you need to watch tutorials before switching to this software. 


Once you get a grasp of UI design and manage to use it for professional purposes, you can kickstart your career in this field. Talentvis provides plenty of job vacancies as UI designer based in many countries of Southeast Asia region. Check it out regularly once you consider a career in UI design and get ready to shine as a UI designer top talent!


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