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Attract Top Performers to Stay Longer with These 8 Useful Perks


Recruitment is the most important things to keep a business going and growing. However, it is also the most complicated task to accomplish. With the labour market is improving as seen from a decline in unemployment rates, fewer people are getting retrenched while more companies are hiring. Amidst the increasing talent war, attracting top candidates to work for your organisation can be a tough battle to win.

Have you ever found yourself trapped in this dilemma?

Take a look at these tips from BGL Group to supercharge your recruitment efforts and appeal the perfect employees.

1/  Attractive salary

You might have predicted this. Many candidates said that salary remains top priority when it comes to applying for a job. Although some might say that it does not really matter, in fact, there are 12 percent employees leave their job due to low pay.

2/  Clear career path

An employee with a clear career path is more likely to excel in their business than one who is uncertain of where they could progress. 42 percent of all finance professionals stated that having a clear opportunities for promotion is an important factor for job satisfaction.

3/  Opportunities for promotion

Employees are always looking to learn and advance in their career. Offering employees for promotion within the organisation will boost morale and keep productivity high. Not only that, employees who get promoted and experience in being a leader can improve company-branding.

4/  On-site gym

Healthy employees are happy employees. Exercising three times a week encourages the release of mood-elevating endorphins. Offering a gym membership or building your own in the office area can attract more people to join than you can ever imagine.

5/  Development reviews

Reviews increase employee’s performance in the workforce. Giving reviews also shows that employees are recognised and rewarded regularly. It also implies that reviews can retain employees’ happiness and can advance them in their career progression.

6/  Company pension plan

This is a-very-hard-to-say-NO offer. Company often sell this benefit to employees as ‘free money’. This can be a good strategy, as workers are getting older and they will start looking towards retirement, a well-arranged pension plan will make them feel valued and secure in facing the future.

7/  Flexible work hours

83 percent employees cite flexible job as an important factor when accepting a new role. Not only beneficial for workers to adopt work-life balance, promoting flexibility is also good for the business. 70 percent of managers reported an increase in productivity after a shift to flexi-working.

8/  Subsidised café and healthy food

Having an area where staff can interact to each other lead to an increase in employee morale. Healthy options enforce the idea that workforce is looked after and treated well. Employees’ well-being will also be taken care better this way.

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