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Are You On the Verge of Burnout? Tell-tale Signs That You Should Take a Day Off


Let’s be honest: Do you spend Sunday night mourning the fact that you have to go back to work tomorrow? Do you find yourself already feeling tired and drained even after you just wake up in the morning? Or, do you easily get irritated even by little thing at work lately?

Well, if you can relate to any of these situations, there are possibilities that you might have been overworking – and even worse, bringing yourself on the brink of breaking down.  

At some point in our career, there is no doubt that we need to take a break from work. After sacrificing your sleep to work on that important project, it seems that taking a one-week-long vacation is pretty much well deserved. The problem is, when schedules are tight that one deadline keeps coming after another, it seems like there is not much spare time even to take a day off.

While in fact, in order to avoid a burnout from overwhelming tasks, sometimes you need to take some time off to forget and let go all the worries about those piling documents on your desk.

Then how do you know when you should stop your gruelling routine for a moment and get some time out of your office? Here’s how:

When you keep hitting ‘snooze’ button

How many alarms do you set on your alarm, to make sure that you really open your eyes every morning? If nothing is wrong with your work routine, you will immediately turn off the alarm when it goes off and get out of the bed right away. However, when you cannot fight the urge to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, there might be something about your job that does not go right. If the sound of your alarm involuntarily reminds you of that unending task, this could mean that you should refresh your soul.

When your social life goes downhill

Do you miss family dinners because you have to stay at work till night? When did the last time you hang out with your non work-related friends? If you cannot even remember when spent quality time with your family or met your best friends without getting interfered by work stuff, it is time to pause your routine and catch up with them.

When you feel beat all the time

Your mental state can greatly affect your physical condition, too. Have you ever felt exhausted and lethargic throughout the day, while you actually do not move much? Have you ever found your body all sore even after a long sleep? This could be a way of your body saying that you have been over-stressed from work. High pressure from job often leads to workplace stress and anxiety disorders, something that will lower your immune system, which explains why you get sick easier when you suffer from a burnout.

When you lose the ‘muse’ to work

Loss of motivation could be the beginning of your career nightmare. When you fail to find the motivation to show up at work, maybe you better spend your time relaxing at home for some time. Rather than forcing yourself to come to the office and committing presenteeism, it will be better to take the day off and regain your energy. This way, you will go back to work with a new spirit.

When you think about work all the time, even at home

If you think that thinking about work-related stuffs at home is a sign of your dedication to your job, then you are wrong. When you cannot get those tasks out of your mind even when you are watching TV with your children, it means that your job has tumble-down your social life and ruin your work-life balance. It will be best if you take some time off and fix this.

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