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8 Benefits of Cloud ATS  


Surveys have found that 95 percent of large companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS), with more and more medium-sized employers also turning to ATS adoption. Recruiters consistently report that they need an ATS to do their jobs effectively, this reality is reflected in few studies cited companies that use an ATS were 40 percent more likely to be best-in-class. Significant advancements have occurred among ATSs since, first and foremost the rise of cloud-based applicant tracking. Therefore, cloud ATS is now among the utmost choices for businesses. 

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The benefits

For ATSs, in particular, the advantages of cloud-based systems include:

  • Access anywhere and anytime. On-premise systems require HR, recruiters and hiring managers to be on-site, but cloud-based systems allow them to retrieve data wherever they’re working, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. 

  • Easier implementation. Because there’s no on-premise system to implement. This is important because it mitigates the primary concern for companies that choose not to move on from systems they’re not satisfied with. 

  • Reduced IT and capital expense. There’s no on-premise system to implement or maintain. 

  • Get upgrades quickly. Upgrading an on-premise system can take time and be a significant technical concern, so much so that many companies forego updates. With cloud-based systems, the upgrades are handled by the provider, meaning you get access to useful new features. 

  • Integration with other software. Cloud-based systems are becoming easier and easier to integrate with other software, facilitating integration with online job portals, career sites and other SaaS applications. This allows you to access more talent as well as connect recruiting and HR processes without using an all-in-one system. 

  • Improved user experience. Not only are quality cloud-based systems customizable for employers’ specific needs, but also having the current version eases training and customer service. 

  • Shorter-term commitment. With on-premise systems, the work associated with setting up on-site hardware and software is a major enough task that recruiters want any ATS they can use to last for years.  

The rise of cloud-based systems has been one of the biggest developments in technology, with use of cloud-based systems increasing every year. Hence, moving on to adopting cloud ATS might be one of the best moves a recruiter can do. 

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