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7+ Competencies to Look For in Recruiters 


One of the top traits when hiring a recruiter is their ambiguity tolerance. Ambiguity tolerance is a degree to which an individual is comfortable with uncertainty, unpredictability, conflicting directions, and multiple demands. This trait is manifested in a person’s ability to operate effectively in an uncertain environment, since recruiters need to deal with rapidly changing demands coming from their clients. 

The ambiguity tolerance is not the only important thing when hiring recruiters, here are some other common traits to look for: 

  • Result-driven - the ability to attract the best talent to meet your current business needs and achieve results even under tough circumstances. 

  • Resourceful - know how to get the most out of limited resources, particularly in a small-to-medium-sized business. 

  • Organised - can plan and prioritise work to meet commitments aligned with the company’s goals.

  • Strong communicator - know how to develop and deliver multi-mode communications to different audiences both inside and outside the organisation.

  • Persuasive - ability to win support or buy-in from others and can negotiate skilfully in competitive situations.

  • Network builder - effective at building formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside of the organisation. 

  • Behavioural traits, including: ability to adjust unexpected situations in real-time, can readily cope with change, can make decisions without the whole picture, doesn’t get upset when things are ‘up in the air’, can comfortably handle risk and uncertainty, remains composed under pressure, and can deal with paradoxes. 

Good and smart recruiters should also have teamwork ability, as well as integrity. Someone who is honest with themselves and with others, who does not have any problems in admitting their strengths and weaknesses, who is loyal and would never criticise an employer due to high demand is one of the gold personalities an employer should look for. 

To know a job inside out is not enough to make effective dependable recruiters, they also must have the right character and traits in order to land and carry out a job which derives the desired result.

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