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4 Solutions to The Biggest Headaches of Being Recruiter


Recruiters’ top priority is to satisfy client’s needs by finding the right candidate for job ads. However, it can be hard for recruiters to get the talents their client needs. The reasons might vary from one recruiter to others, such as hard to find the right talent for a specific position, or hard to stand out from the crowd as more and more recruiters are there to compete. 

Are you facing the same headaches? If yes, here are four best solutions to the 4 biggest recruitment headaches. 

“It is hard for me to stand out from the crowd” 

Every recruiter is on the race to get the right and the best candidates for their clients. Fierce competition might happen and you are not alone to struggle with this challenge. But to help you stand out in a positive way, try and collaborate on these solutions. 

  • Follow-up - Candidates, especially talented candidates, are probably being courted by several recruiters at once. Thus, not replying to your chat or email does not mean that they are not interested in the job. You should do a follow-up to really know their interest. Besides a follow-up also helps increase your candidate’ response rate as well as showing them you are the most interested recruiter. 

  • Be different - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram is very common apps to use when it comes to recruiting. You probably have already tap on these apps as well. Well, have you tried Tinder, OkCupid, Snapchat, or Tiktok to source your candidates? If not, perhaps you should give it a try. You might be fascinated by the result. Besides, treating recruitment like your first date could help you stand out from the fierce competition. 

  • Build up your personal branding - We all understand first impression is important. When you have a good presence on media and internet, candidates will likely not to refuse or turn down your offer. Thus, try to build up your branding image along the way. Publish useful content. It can be a piece of writings, videos, or podcasts. It might take longer to be a recruiter of choice but sure is with struggle there comes ease. 

“Candidates always turndown my offer” 

In a polled of 10,000 job seekers, nearly half of the respondents said that they have turned down an offer because of a bad recruiting experience. An application process that lasts longer than a month will likely deter job applicants from accepting a position. Other reasons are because of a counteroffer, failed to meet salary expectations, and bad rapport between both parties. 

To remove the headache, you should first understand why your candidate is rejecting you. If you have built good rapport but the candidates say no, chance are, they get a better offer somewhere else. When it happens, try to do the tricks below.

  • Go above salary expectation. 

  • Regularly check on your candidates’ offers whether they have other opportunities somewhere else. Build good communication with them and open discussion early during the approach. 

  • Build up your communication with them and always leave time/day by when your prospective candidates can get back to you. If they have not gotten back to you by then, get in contact with them stating the reason for your call/message/email. Also, give your candidates additional contact options so they can feel convenient when contacting you in the future. Always remember that candidate experience should be your number one priority. 

“Many unsuitable candidates are applying to my job ads” 

The most possible reason candidates apply for a job that is unsuitable with their skill-set or work experience is because there is no clarity in your job description. Failing to provide a detailed and accurate job description can result in too many unsuitable applications, making shortlisting a nightmare, cited Social Talent

Therefore, it is important to provide relevant, specific, and clear job descriptions to your job ads. Jen Picard advised that your written job posting should include this information: 

  • A straightforward job title 

  • A great opening paragraph. Provide a clear overview of the position, and what is in it for the job seeker. 

  • Separate lists of required skills and qualifications, and nice-to-haves

  • Performance-based descriptions. Cover the day to day responsibilities and focus on the outcomes required. 

  • Clear compensation

  • Specific location 

Moreover, remember that when you hire for an entry position or internships, it is better for you to generalise your job description and don’t be too specific in your skillsets. Why? Because being specific often drive away potential candidates, especially fresh graduates who have no work experience or skills needed for the job. Instead, you can emphasise that your entry-level candidates should be open to learning and development. 

“It is hard to engage with candidates I’ve sourced online” 

A number of recruiters cited engaging candidates in online media is a great challenge. Are you experiencing the same pain point? 

If yes, the best solution is to improve your first impression when reaching them, be it via text or email. Give the potential candidates a reason to reply to you. Treat your text messaging or email as a dating approach in a more formal way. Here are some tips to get good first impression over text. 

  • make sure you do not spend a long time in replying them

  • Properly introduce yourself and don’t forget your employer's name (where you are from and your intention should be clear at the beginning too) 

  • Be patient and keep your mind at peace (don’t rush your candidates to reply your text or email) - if the potential candidate does not reply for a period of time, you can send a follow-up text stating the reason for your message/email. Don’t forget to give additional contact options so the candidate can feel convenient when contacting you in the future. Always remember that candidate experience should be your number one priority

  • When you get their attention, keep it interesting and make it simple. If possible, use the language your candidates use. How to know their personality for your best approach, you can see from their timeline. There is also this good app called Crystal that can identify your prospective candidate’s personality. 

  • Get to know your candidate’s needs and wants for the job. 

  • Get in touch whenever possible and let them know that they can contact you when they need a job. Or, you will contact them when there is an opportunity that might interest them. 

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