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4 Examples of Successful Recruiters 


The job of recruitment is all about marrying sales skills with psychological skills, said Brown and Swain in their book The Professional Recruiter’s Handbook. This is to say that in order to be good at a recruitment job, a recruiter needs to have an innate ability to present things in a good light, tenacity to keep going when recruiter thinks something is of value, as well as a genuine interest in people that really helps a recruiter understand them and the capacity to build a strong sustainable relationship. 

Successful recruitment has also had the essence of using sales and good service in speaking to candidates and clients while following a process to make placements. Here is what experts say about success in recruitment. 

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Case 1 - Strengthen the relationship

Debbie Leveridge, CE of Asia Pacific for Vedior, is clear that success in recruitment is about developing and maximising relationships with both candidates and clients. As a recruiter, she advised recruiters to bear in mind what it can be like to be a job seeker, trying to chase applications, wondering what is happening and feeling concerned about big step, maintaining an empathetic approach to candidates, as well as developing relationships with clients, is a recipe for success in recruitment. 

Case 2 - Focus on the personal attribute  

Chris Herrmannsen, Group Managing Director of Ochre House, advised to look closely on the personal attributes or competencies inherent in a prospective employee, instead of the previous experience of the hires. Training can develop specific skills, but it is more difficult to fundamentally change the way a person thinks and behaves. 

Case 3 - Remember the 4s 

Laurance Simons, a lawyer and legal advisor of Michael Page, stated that there are four qualities for a successful recruiter: determination, tenacity, commitment and focus. The legal market is highly consultative, so recruiters need to operate with integrity and professionalism. 

Case 4 -  Has the ability to do commercial service 

Dorian Webb, a recruitment director, said that the ideal successful recruiters are able to perform in-house recruiting and have a strong commercial task-orientation, as delivery is critical. Webb’s management team comes from a blend of in-house and external. The combination of recruitment expertise and skills inherent in his team is at its height numbered 25 people, meaning that not only did they hit all their targets but also that the team acceptance rate for jobs was as high as 98 percent. 

The four cases above emphasise that great recruiters do need the power of persuasion and the capacity to give great survival. Many recruiters will be deterred immediately from the idea that they are in a sales role. Many others will not see it as debatable. Whichever group you fall into, as a recruiter you need to explore the concept for a moment. 

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