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11 May 2020

  Getting a job offer might be the happiest moment in a job seeker’s life, for finally all the struggle is paid off. While it is tempting to just say ‘Yes’ and sign the deal, there are some factors job seekers need to consider before finalising the recruitment process. Afte...

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08 May 2020

  For some recruiters, an interview is a recruitment process that will define everything. It can provide an insight into whether the candidate is worth hired or the other way round. Owing to its importance, conducting an interview can be stressful. Some questions are legal while some others...

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04 May 2020

  Some adjustments have been made by employers to prioritise the health and safety of employees in the time of COVID-19 pandemic. Talent acquisition teams also reassess their hiring approach, transitioning from in-person recruitment to virtual ones.  Whilst virtual interviews can hel...

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27 Apr 2020

  The world of work has been undergoing a swift and unprecedented circumstance as cases of the novel coronavirus infections surge. Information regarding coronavirus impacts has also unfolded a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions. Researcher Sherman Lee found that many individuals,...

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24 Apr 2020

  Hiring is one of the most important decisions that organisations should make on a regular basis. When choosing between internal and external hiring, hiring managers need to consider their own organisational environment, as well as the nature of the job posted and its level within the organ...

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