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24 Feb 2020

  Certification tells employers and professional peers that you have well-qualified education and that you take your career seriously. It can help you find a good job, advance in your career and add stability to the long-term employment prospect.  Pearson VUE research revealed that c...

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21 Feb 2020

  Despite people saying that the economy is doing great and technology advancement is creating more jobs, job seekers are still complaining because it is hard for them to get the job they want. The truth is, according to Kurt Barr, a senior financial analyst, jobs might have been created but...

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17 Feb 2020

  Berrin Erdogan study revealed that overqualification in an application often does not result positive for job seekers. Hiring manager often sees overqualified candidates as an expensive talent, a short-term solution, having high expectations of development and job position, a person who ca...

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14 Feb 2020

  “Hey Alex, how’s your job application? Do you get an interview offer?”  ‘Nah, it has been a week and there is no call from the company. I feel bad about this. I really want to get into that company.’ __ For many of us, getting no call after submi...

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10 Feb 2020

  Recruiters’ top priority is to satisfy client’s needs by finding the right candidate for job ads. However, it can be hard for recruiters to get the talents their client needs. The reasons might vary from one recruiter to others, such as hard to find the right talent for a speci...

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