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23 Jan 2019

  Social media has become part of people’s life nowadays. Serving more than just a way to pass the time, social media is increasingly playing important role in one’s personal and professional life. Professionally, social media can help enhance communication in the business and gl...

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18 Jan 2019

  The world of work has radically changed. Traditional working might no longer exist in the era of technology and information. Taylor Review, on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government,  has investigated the modern working practice. Entitled ‘Good Work’, the research observ...

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09 Jan 2019

  Hiring managers are often reluctant to allow their employees work remotely owing to the fear of lack monitoring and communication. Having remote workers also means that employers need to be ready for minimum or even zero physical interaction with them, which is important to maintain relati...

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02 Jan 2019

  Robert M. Solow in his seminal research on economic growth found that human living standards have come neither from working more hours nor more capital or other resources. Instead, it comes from improved productivity. That being said, productivity improvement allows companies to produce hi...

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26 Dec 2018

  How to drive employees performance in the workplace? Among the most effective strategies to improve performance and motivation is by gaining trust that exists between employers and employees. Trust is important for both professional and personal relationships in the workplace. Managers...

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