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03 Aug 2020

  Finding work opportunities takes detective work, especially in times of crisis like today, because most jobs might not be posted on the internet and employers usually prefer internal hiring for a senior-level position. Yet, there are certain ways that can help you land your dream job, be i...

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27 Jul 2020

  Contacting employers to get a job interview is not the same thing as information interviewing that we have discussed previously. This time, your objective is to convince employers that they should hire you. How will you do that? Here are four useful tips:  #1 Identify potential emp...

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24 Jul 2020

  Some employers might require their candidates to complete a job application form instead of submitting a resume. Typically, they find it easier to review applicants’ qualifications if everyone has completed the same form. Job application forms are also used by employers to source the...

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20 Jul 2020

  Recruitment becomes increasingly constrained by legal documents that companies must follow practices including customs, ethics, and norms. The following is a list of the legislation directly affecting the recruitment sector in Singapore. Naturally, nearly all legislation has some effect on...

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17 Jul 2020

  In planning a recruitment process, a crucial question needs to be addressed: “Who should be hired?” The answer to this question affects two critical points in recruitment, namely:  What recruitment messages that organisations want to communicate, such as when rehi...

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