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05 Apr 2019

  Chances are, a simple thank you and smiley emoji are enough to express our gratitude in responding to positive online reviews for our organisation. However, things could be different when it comes to the negative ones. While it is important to keep your responses sweet and simple, you need...

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01 Apr 2019

  “Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. IT is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both, because it is so powerful and so rare.” – Patrick Lencioni From what Lencioni uttered, it can be implied that team building is a simple yet powerful method...

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29 Mar 2019

  J.T. O’Donnell, founder and CEO at Work It Daily, as in Inc. said that human resources (HR) leaders is not a career coach. They are not your friend and you might need to sort out what you want to reveal to them. Although HR technically plays as support team available to serve employe...

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25 Mar 2019

  Social media is essential in our everyday life today. With almost every single individual sign themselves in social media, this phenomenon opens up new opportunity for business marketer. Marketing Insider Group said that social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase aware...

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22 Mar 2019

  More recruiters are finding it increasingly difficult to fill open positions nowadays, with global talent shortage at a 12-year high. ManpowerGroup data revealed that almost half (45 percent) employers cannot find the right candidates for positions needed in the organisation, while almost...

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