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16 Dec 2019

  At the heart of every job seeker, there is a strong will to land a job as soon as possible. Not only that, but they want also to get a job that suits their lifestyle and preferences. Do you belong to this kind of jobseekers? If yes, then building a relationship with a recruitment agency wi...

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13 Dec 2019

  Imagine you are working for an employer for years but they never raise your salary or offer a promotion. When you discuss this matter with the HR manager, he only asks you to wait and convinces you that he will find the best solution. But as the days go by, nothing changes.  Not wa...

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09 Dec 2019

  Besides eating your lunch, what else do you like to do during lunch break? Going back to work right after finishing your meal? Playing games with your co-workers? Or taking a walk around the office to get fresh air?  All of the above activities are great. However, if you want to be...

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06 Dec 2019

  As a leader, you know that top talents could cost an organisation a fortune. Owing to this reason, having knowledge about your cost-per-hire in the recruitment process is crucial. Understanding cost-per-hire Cost-per-hire (CPH) is vital for business return-on-investment (ROI), while...

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02 Dec 2019

  In the previous article, we discussed why getting help from a recruitment agency is better than hunting a job by yourself. Among the reason is that the agency knows better about the business niche that you are looking for, so they cover for your flaws and help you land a better job. How...

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