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15 Feb 2021

  Are all jobs worth the distance? Maybe yes for some people, but definitely no for some others. Those who said no believe that working near “home” helps keep work-life balance in check. According to a relocation company group, relocation is sometimes needed for employers to rema...

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08 Feb 2021

  Have you ever felt that you have not been taken seriously at work? No one listens when you share ideas. Your team does not ask you for opinion or skip you in a team discussion. You work really hard but do not seem to be getting the respect you deserve. Don’t lose heart. It is not too...

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05 Feb 2021

  Having a no-show for a job interview is not only rude but also very unprofessional. Although there are many reasons why as a job seeker, you are not able to make it for an interview, like being called for an interview in your dream company or no longer interested in the position, it would...

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01 Feb 2021

  Are you working with a recruiter or know someone who works as one? Chances are, you might be wondering why their work-life balance seems to be better than any other role you have witnessed, such as a bank teller or broker. Why can they go out for coffee during office hours or visit places...

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29 Jan 2021

  When pre-existing relationships appear to take precedence over actual qualifications in the hiring process, the adverse effects on morale are likely to be felt by all parties involved in the hiring process, even employees on board. What is nepotism?  Nepotism is a form of discri...

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