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27 Apr 2020

  The world of work has been undergoing a swift and unprecedented circumstance as cases of the novel coronavirus infections surge. Information regarding coronavirus impacts has also unfolded a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions. Researcher Sherman Lee found that many individuals,...

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24 Apr 2020

  Hiring is one of the most important decisions that organisations should make on a regular basis. When choosing between internal and external hiring, hiring managers need to consider their own organisational environment, as well as the nature of the job posted and its level within the organ...

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20 Apr 2020

  How does the Covid-19 crisis affect your job search?  Most job seekers might believe that during a crisis, employers will choose to freeze hiring - meaning that finding a job could be challenging. This, however, is not necessarily true. Business author Lisa Rangel reported that whi...

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17 Apr 2020

  Background check is conducted by an employer to know whether candidates tell the truth in their resume or during a job interview, to know their salary background, and to know anything about a candidate's past history that could jeopardise the employer. Background checks can also help e...

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13 Apr 2020

  Multigenerational workforce is a workforce made up of employees from different generations - from traditionalists who value authority and top-down approach to Generation Z with their digital nativeness and fast decision-making process. A Korn Ferry survey suggested that there are approxima...

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