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08 Mar 2021

  We dress to impress, especially when it comes to job interviews. However, putting on the best clothes with your favourite colour might send the wrong signal to the interviewers.  When it comes to persuasion, emotion is the primary target. Nothing - not even words or images - appeal...

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05 Mar 2021

  Executive presence is a term that might not be clearly defined, but has a nice “ring” to it. Some would associate it with proper communication, personal appearance, confidence or even body language. As it is often indescribable, others would dub it as the “it” facto...

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01 Mar 2021

  On average, employers receive 250 resumes for each job offer, interview 4-6 candidates for the job, and will only hire one candidate who they see fit. Needless to say, employers are picky when it comes to recruitment, but these are needed to ensure the business has the best talents on boar...

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26 Feb 2021

  Better career means a better pay rate. Do you agree? Those who have good skills or are in higher positions will likely get a better salary than those who are in lower positions. Not only higher salary, the more you look for a better career, the more opportunities you will discover. Having...

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22 Feb 2021

  Candidate experience defines how candidates feel and behave to an employer’s recruitment processes. CandE survey mentioned that there might be a potential loss of revenue for poor candidate experience. These losses could come from consumer’s based businesses, referral networks,...

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