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28 Aug 2020

  Applicant tracking system (ATS) has gained attention in the recruitment industry thanks to its ability to help manage hiring processes more efficiently and effectively. The ATS is a tool that gathers and organises the candidate’s information and provides recruiters with an initial sc...

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24 Aug 2020

  COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work, from commute, how to enter workplaces, how to interact with others, manage task distributions, and more. As we define our new normal in a COVID-19 era, workplace health and safety, as well as the importance of strong safety leadership is m...

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14 Aug 2020

  As you prepare for your job interview, you might wonder what questions the interviewers are going to ask. While there is no way to know for sure what topics will be covered during an interview since each interviewer can come up with unexpected questions, there are some popular and frequent...

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10 Aug 2020

  LinkedIn is where 500+ million professionals come to connect, stay informed, and get hired. It is one of the largest and fast-growing social networks for professionals at every level and industries, including job seekers, recruiters, founders, speakers, and so on. According to Pew Research...

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07 Aug 2020

  Recruiting the right employees can be challenging, but the rewards of a well-constructed strategy can be enormous because effective recruitment is the foundation on which any talent management program is built. Yet, to build a strong recruitment foundation, several components must be met,...

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