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03 Jan 2020

  None wants to be the one who delivers bad news. Not to say, it's probably not recruiter’s favourite thing to tell their candidates that their job application has been rejected. Nevertheless, it is not something you can avoid - because it’s part of a recruiter’s respon...

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02 Jan 2020

  Carol’s office implements a job rotation program. For the last few months, Carol was assigned to work with team A where everyone seems welcome and friendly to her. She felt comfortable with the team in a short time. However, as the job rotation was renewed, she found herself assigned...

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27 Dec 2019

  A recent study published at Talent Inc found that 70 percent of employers considered that personality is a key area to focus on when assessing a candidate, substantially more important than education or appearance.  It was cited in the study that being arrogant and overconfident ar...

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23 Dec 2019

  New Year is not only about changing dates, months, or year but it also marks a new start for everyone who looks forward to a better life. For recruiters, New Year can be a good step to create new achievements and raise the bar in the recruitment industry. To make this happen, there are a f...

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20 Dec 2019

  What do you want to achieve Next Year? New house? New friends? More friends? More pets? Or new JOB? Well, whatever it is that you want to achieve, you better start preparing now because New Year is about to come - and what once said later sometimes becomes never.  If your New Year&...

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