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22 Apr 2019

  Dean is a talented employee. He is smart and diligent. However, ever since the old manager was replaced with the new ones, Dean seemed so stressful that his productivity and performance are hampering. The new manager does not give enough encouragement and recognition for his employees. So,...

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18 Apr 2019

  Everyone wants to be superstar - at least in their own life. To make this dream comes true, everyone does their best in their struggle to success. While each individual has their own strategy in achieving their life goals, there is a method you should never miss out: “Sisu” way...

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15 Apr 2019

  There is a growing trend that we should start consuming local food in order to cut cost and fight climate change. However, can this trend expand and be applied to recruitment process? Hiring new employees is the foremost thing newly-built and developed company should do. As important as...

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12 Apr 2019

  “The way you start your day determines how well you live your day.” – Robin Sharma Every person has morning rituals. Oprah Winfrey, for example, spends her morning with twenty minutes of meditation and exercises. Meanwhile Jocko Willink, prefers to start his day by goi...

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08 Apr 2019

  Resigning from a job is a big decision that you should think more than twice before calling it a quit. Oftentimes, after submitting their resignation letter, people realise they have made a mistake and thus regret their decision to move on. Some might try to get in touch with the previous...

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