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20 Aug 2021

Account managers take the lead in introducing and communicating a business’ products or services to clients, both existing and potential ones. Essentially, they serve as the main point of contact between the client and the rest of the company. However, this is only one big picture of what acco...

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16 Aug 2021

Finally! After weeks of job searching and countless interview sessions, you finally secure a job offer. Receiving a job offer is exciting, especially if it comes from your dream company. While you might be eager to accept the offer and embark on your career journey as soon as possible, there are a f...

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13 Aug 2021

Do you know that one in three jobseekers gets turned down because of a negative reference? As important as it is, job references can either make or break your chance of winning an employment. However, you can increase your chances of securing that job if you know how to ask for good references from...

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09 Aug 2021

If you are passionate about designing and creating products, you might aspire to be a professional designer for a prominent company. As the golden rule says ‘Show, don’t tell’, when applying for a job as a designer, having a fascinating portfolio is more important than what’s...

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06 Aug 2021

Applying for a job should not be like buying pig in a poke. No matter how badly you are in need of a new job, you should never overlook any red flags you might find in a job ad. Afterall, a job search is more than finding employment opportunities. It is also an opportunity to get a glance of how the...

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