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19 Mar 2019

  “Direct touch of nature gives a little refreshment to our body, mind, and well-being.” – Talentvis Alina from In the Loop mentioned that “studying outside can calm mind and change workings of our brains in ways that improve mental health and learning capacity.&rd...

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14 Mar 2019

  There are many things you can do to gain knowledge and learn new information, such as reading article or newspapers, watching educational TV shows, attending webinars, or enrolling to online courses. Also, discussing topics you are interested in will help you improve both personal and prof...

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11 Mar 2019

  Susan Heathfield in Balance Careers defined icebreaker as an activity, game, or event that is used to welcome and warm up conversation among participants. Whether you are in a meeting, training class, team building, interview, or any other kind of sessions, icebreaker is somewhat necessary...

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08 Mar 2019

  Admit it. As an employee, you surely want your boss to recognise what you have done for the company. Even a simple but sincere thank you from senior manager will likely to brighten your whole day that could last for a week, even months. A Gallup study shows that employees will question the...

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04 Mar 2019

  According to, underemployment is a situation in which workers are employed below their educational skills or ability. There are three types of underemployed workers, including skilled employees in low-paying jobs, skilled employees in low-skill jobs, and part-time workers preferr...

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