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13 Apr 2020

  Multigenerational workforce is a workforce made up of employees from different generations - from traditionalists who value authority and top-down approach to Generation Z with their digital nativeness and fast decision-making process. A Korn Ferry survey suggested that there are approxima...

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06 Apr 2020

  There is no doubt that recruiters who are well-informed and well-resourced will not only attract the best talent but also become an expert in his field. That said, continuing to expand your knowledge by finding high-quality learning resources is necessary. Thankfully, in today’s tech...

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03 Apr 2020

  Robert Half reported that in Singapore, the three biggest frustrations job seekers often face are slow feedback, poor communication, and delayed decision-making. Among 500 jobseekers across Singapore, Nearly half respondents cited that slow feedback from prospective employers about progres...

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30 Mar 2020

  If you are looking for a stable job with no many requirements, a career in the oil field could be a good starter for you. Whether you are an unskilled worker or a college graduate, there is room for you in the industry. Jobs in the oil field also give one of the best pay scales for the ent...

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27 Mar 2020

  Some countries around the world are implementing strict lockdown to arrest the spread of Covid-19 cases. The governments also encourage business owners to send their workers home and work remotely, close public places and limit public transportations, as well as postponing or even cancelli...

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