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27 Dec 2021

Let’s face it: job seeking is anything but fun. It is often an exhausting, long, and soul-crushing ordeal that many talents have to go through. Reading motivational tips and tricks alone is not enough to mend the pain of not landing a job yet. You may have in-demand skill sets with proven expe...

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23 Dec 2021

Christmas is just around the corner! Aside from spending more quality time with family and friends, you may also want to celebrate the festivity with your second family; your coworkers. Either it is you or your coworkers who celebrate Christmas, it is always nice and a good gesture to share Christma...

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22 Dec 2021

Can you hear the jingle bells ringing? Christmas is here! Decorating the office during the jolly season can improve the mood and everyone’s spirit. As we are slowly going back to the office, a little touch here and there will be helpful to break the ice after working remotely for such a long t...

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20 Dec 2021

No matter how much you love your job, there must have been a point where you feel unhappy doing it. While you may be upset with your current role at the moment, does it mean that you hate it? The truth is, feeling unhappy about your job is completely humane. Boredom, heavy workload, annoying coworke...

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17 Dec 2021

As organizations strive to improve efficiency and save expenses, business analytics has become an essential component of their operations. Business analysis, as performed by analysts, relates to recognizing changing business demands, assessing the effect of these changes, and documenting communicati...

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