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26 Mar 2021

  We are all working hard in life - there is no doubt about it. We work hard in our jobs so we can excel at work. We work hard to maintain relationships with clients or co-workers. We work hard to achieve the best results in our life. But after working hard for an extended period of time, yo...

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22 Mar 2021

  The idea of growing a steady career is always a personal challenge, especially when you are a jack-of-all-trades and your skills are unrelated to one another. For instance, you could be an IT personnel but also have a knack for marketing. Or, you have potential as a human resource manager...

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19 Mar 2021

  With mountains of paperwork and complicated client’s requests, being a recruiter is not easy. A job as a recruiter gives you a work-life balance and good paycheck, but it also comes with the pressure and stress of having to deal with various types of candidates.  That’s...

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15 Mar 2021

  Do you know that what’s on your office desk could affect your productivity? It seems trivial, but they actually do. There is a debate on how an office desk should be: messy vs. tidy. You might think that messy means practical as it can help you find things easily. But those from the...

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12 Mar 2021

  Letting go of a talented employee could be worth 40 - 60 percent of the said employee’s annual salary, meaning that the cost of replacing employees is enormous. This number includes loss of productivity, long interviewing, training, and onboarding processes. The replacement costs of...

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