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16 Apr 2021

  How often have you been caught in the middle of awkward office situations and not knowing what to do about it? As much as we try to avoid it, awkward situations happen. For example, that one time you encountered a guy in the office with poor social manners or a lady co-worker who broadcast...

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12 Apr 2021

  Cover letter remains favorable for some recruiters because it gives them an in-depth review of prospective employees, such as their efforts and genuine intention of applying for a particular position. Moreover, a standout cover letter will make a job seeker more memorable for the recruiter...

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09 Apr 2021

  As a student, you cannot work in a professional environment before obtaining suitable qualifications. Therefore, many decide to pursue work experiences by working part-time. While juggling between studies and a part-time job is not an easy task, extra income and experiences a student will...

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05 Apr 2021

  A recruitment agency hires recruiters to marry job seekers with suitable jobs and their clients with the right candidates. As a leader in a recruitment agency, where can you find the best recruiters and how do you hire them?  What you need is someone with whom you can work and shar...

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29 Mar 2021

  There are two types of people in this world. One is an early bird, someone who likes to wake up early because it helps them focus on more tasks. The other is a night owl, obviously the opposite of early - they like to stay up late to do their work or project. Meanwhile, there are also two...

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