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31 May 2019

  Having a close friend in workplace is a good thing to help you stay motivated at work. But what if the person you befriend is your boss? What are the pros and cons of becoming a friend with your employer? Let’s find out. An employer plays an important role in how employees improve...

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28 May 2019

  Do you know that in order to engage better with others, you should understand your and your prospective client's networking style? When attending a meeting with professionals, all you want to do is approaching them to exchange knowledge and business card with prospective clients or...

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24 May 2019

  “A particular challenge is to strengthen apprenticeship training to thus open up more sustainable employment options for workers.” – International Labour Organisation (ILO) ILO predicted that unemployment remains high and employment quality is a concern in the near fut...

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22 May 2019

  Laura Bates once said, “It is true that the gender pay gap is complicated. It is true that it is very slowly getting smaller. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It would have to be a pretty HUGE conspiracy for every reputable major news outlet to report on it annuall...

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17 May 2019

  The long-held stigma saying that people with special needs will find it difficult to land a job is finally going away. Robert Austin and Gary Pisano survey showed that more organisations are welcoming people with autism in workplace as they know that autistic individuals can be a valuable...

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