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26 Oct 2020

  Laughter, people said, is the best medicine and sometimes can be a powerful weapon when we have nothing left. No wonder, many often advise: “Don’t take life too seriously and it is not wrong to laugh at yourself, sometimes.”  According to studies, laughter not onl...

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23 Oct 2020

  Between the strategic mandates of recruitment marketing, candidate engagement and candidate experience, as well as artificial intelligence and automation tools, talent acquisition teams will have a lot to juggle in the future recruitment. That doesn’t mean a team should try to adopt...

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19 Oct 2020

Nervous for your upcoming job interview? Well, it is normal for job applicants to feel both anxious and excited for an interview. To make the best out of the employment opportunities given to you, career advisors recommend taking note of important matters and keep them in mind pre- and post-intervie...

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12 Oct 2020

  One of the top traits when hiring a recruiter is their ambiguity tolerance. Ambiguity tolerance is a degree to which an individual is comfortable with uncertainty, unpredictability, conflicting directions, and multiple demands. This trait is manifested in a person’s ability to operat...

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09 Oct 2020

  As a job seeker, you must rejoice when receiving a call saying that you are getting a job interview. Like, finally all the hard effort is worth the wait!  Receiving calls for an interview invitation is good but it is just half the battle won. Acing the interview is the key to getti...

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