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11 Nov 2019

  The presence of technology and social media has brought a new way for recruiters to source and find the talents they need. Reported by SHRM, almost 90 percent of organisations are currently using social media for recruitment while the other 9 percent are planning to use it soon. No wonder,...

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08 Nov 2019

  As the old adage says, “We cannot avoid mistakes in life but we can learn from it and not repeat it again.” Being a human and a professional, messing things up at work is common and unavoidable. For some time, the errors we make can be fixed and forgiven. But there are some...

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05 Nov 2019

  Candidate sourcing involves searching and engaging qualified talents to fill current and future positions. In general, recruiters are asked to do talent sourcing because it allows companies to take control of their pipeline and initiate conversations with prospective candidates whenever a...

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04 Nov 2019

  There is a morning announcement today in Amira’s workplace. Through the speaker, HRD officer announces a few new rules that employees must follow. Everyone listens carefully until it comes to the rules which said, “Male employees are not allowed to grow a beard and no jeans are...

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28 Oct 2019

  Are you currently looking for an employment opportunity? If yes, then a recruitment agency can help ease your way to land a dream career. What is a recruitment agency? Recruitment agency refers to a group of people who act as a kind of intermediary between a company that is looking t...

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