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23 Sep 2021

You could be writing a bad resume and not even realizing it. Why? Because the trickiest part in writing a resume is there’s no universal “one-size-fits-all” method to do it. Everyone has a different background, experience, and personality, even the criteria of what makes a good can...

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20 Sep 2021

Balancing productivity and self-care can be tricky. In the era of hustle culture where the ‘rise and grind’ motto is highly glorified, work-life balance can be easily overlooked. Everyone knows how to work, but not all know how to enjoy their life amidst busy timetables. Needless to say,...

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17 Sep 2021

Every business collects data, be it for market research, sales figures, logistics, or other expenses. Data alone is not enough to give meaningful information - they need to be analyzed. In doing this, companies will need data analysts. Data analysts interpret numbers and data into concise explanatio...

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13 Sep 2021

Everyone wants to highlight their skills and strengths when it comes to job interviews. After all, the session is all about selling yourself, right? Just like two sides of the same coin, however, recruiters will not only focus on your strengths but also your weaknesses. It is easy to boast about wha...

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10 Sep 2021

Talk to recruiters, they say. It will help you find a job, they say. But they don’t say, how exactly can you do that?  Dealing with such a dilemma? Stay with us and you’ll get the idea! Approaching recruiters and actually connecting with them may seem daunting, especially if y...

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