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23 Nov 2020

  Effective measurement is vital to determining whether recruitment objectives have been achieved. Diarmuid Sexton, Global Talent Acquisition Director at Maples Group, wrote that a comprehensive evaluation of recruitment strategy allows organisations to identify internal capability and gaps,...

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20 Nov 2020

  There are many ways to lure top talents, such as through social media, in-person meetings, email, etc. When contacting top candidates via email or any means of electronic communication, employers must pay attention to the message written as an employer’s recruitment message is a majo...

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16 Nov 2020

  Jessica, a cheerful and chatty girl, is a fresh graduate yearning to land her first job. Her friend recommends her to try recruiting industry as it matches with her character, thus she applied to be a recruiter. During her first year as recruiter, she was so positive about the career. Howe...

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13 Nov 2020

  There are several ways to publicise job openings, including via job fairs, employee referrals, in-store advertisements, billboards, etc. All these types of publications are effective, yet which one is the most effective to reach targeted and passive candidates?  Here are 6 major re...

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09 Nov 2020

  When you’re tasked with filling numerous open positions, you will typically source and engage candidates using the same traditional methods you have always used, such as posting a job online, waiting for the flood of resumes to come in, then over-relying on tracking candidates via sp...

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