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21 Jan 2022

  Have you ever wanted to try a new job, but not wanting to quit your current company? It is a dilemma when as much as you want to take on a new challenge, you might have found comfort in your workplace. Such a feeling is not new, especially for employees who have worked in the same role at...

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19 Jan 2022

When you have so much on your plate at work, paying attention to email etiquette may easily slip your mind. From making a slight typo, missing attachment, to sending email to the wrong person, we make email mistakes all the time; yet these errors will most likely not compromise our KPI or capsize ou...

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17 Jan 2022

You got an offering letter, finally! Now what?  Either you are a fresh graduate or an employee seeking new opportunities, receiving a job offer after tons of applications is surely exciting. Now that you have successfully passed the interview and secured the role, what are you going to do af...

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14 Jan 2022

Running a business in the age of Google is tricky. In the era where people can easily look up anything on the Internet, you want your brand to be highly visible online. The search engine is the place where people seek answers and find information about (practically) everything. If you want your busi...

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10 Jan 2022

Practice makes perfect, the old proverb says. When it comes to preparing for a job interview, practicing out loud by conducting a mock interview will come in handy. A mock interview is a simulation of a real job interview in which you can rehearse what you will say and do during the real intervie...

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