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22 Jan 2021

  The Bureau of National Affairs revealed that the U.S. businesses lose $11 billion annually due to employee turnover. Between the time it takes to find new talents and the productivity business loses while they are learning the ropes, the costs can be astronomical and put a serious wrench i...

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19 Jan 2021

  LinkedIn is a popular platform where professionals gather and build connections. It is also a famous app for job seekers and recruiters to meet. Job searching could be challenging, so reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn could be a great way to get your name out there - with a note: as l...

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15 Jan 2021

  When it is time to change jobs, for whatever reason, there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise available within the recruitment industry for work seekers. The industry not only provides candidates with access to currently available roles, but also advice, process control and offer manag...

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11 Jan 2021

  Recruitment strategy in different companies might be unique and distinctive from each other. Employers would see their company’s intrinsic value, improve their brand, and hire talents based on their unique selling. Some companies might also feel that it is not necessary to follow rec...

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08 Jan 2021

  The “New Year, New Me” might be the most common resolution everyone says each year. With the looming threat of pandemic remains,  many people still look forward to better days to come, be it in their personal life or professional career. Some are planning to step on the co...

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