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08 Oct 2021

  More employers are using networking sites like LinkedIn as a part of their recruiting process, where advanced data analytics are employed to discover and engage with potential job candidates. According to Satya Nadella from Microsoft, three individuals are employed every minute via LinkedI...

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23 Sep 2021

You could be writing a bad resume and not even realizing it. Why? Because the trickiest part in writing a resume is there’s no universal “one-size-fits-all” method to do it. Everyone has a different background, experience, and personality, even the criteria of what makes a good can...

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13 Aug 2021

Do you know that one in three jobseekers gets turned down because of a negative reference? As important as it is, job references can either make or break your chance of winning an employment. However, you can increase your chances of securing that job if you know how to ask for good references from...

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18 Jun 2021

  From business shutdown, employee retrenchment, to companies inventing ways to support staff work-from-home comfortably, COVID-19 has changed the way employers run their business. The new work arrangement has also created many opportunities for job seekers and employees globally. Forbes con...

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07 Jun 2021

  Being a stand-out candidate can be an arduous job. You need to be skilful, professional, and knowledgeable. But what if you are a fresh graduate from a vocational school or university? Will you be able to compete with more experienced candidates? The answer is: Yes.  In today&rsquo...

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