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18 Jun 2021

  From business shutdown, employee retrenchment, to companies inventing ways to support staff work-from-home comfortably, COVID-19 has changed the way employers run their business. The new work arrangement has also created many opportunities for job seekers and employees globally. Forbes con...

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07 Jun 2021

  Being a stand-out candidate can be an arduous job. You need to be skilful, professional, and knowledgeable. But what if you are a fresh graduate from a vocational school or university? Will you be able to compete with more experienced candidates? The answer is: Yes.  In today&rsquo...

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31 May 2021

  It is normal to feel nervous during important events, such as approaching your first job interview, having your first date, or coming to a new environment. In fact, Healthline experts said that nervousness is a common feeling for humans as a stress response. It acts as a guard, preparing t...

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10 May 2021

  Do you think your resume is worth 5 minutes of boredom?  Are you applying for a creative spot but think that your resume is a bit ‘too formal’?  Do you want to stand out more during recruitment?  If you answer yes to all the questions, you must be itchin...

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30 Apr 2021

  In a time where job-hunting websites, networking, and recruitment agencies exist, resumes might slowly become obsolete. It will probably be a while before resumes go the way of wagon wheels and telephones with cords.  Leader Mat McGuinness shared his thought that resumes are inhere...

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