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03 Jul 2020

  In every job search, writing a resume should be the second most important step. The first one is to build a connection and gather information about what skills employers are seeking. As a job seeker, you should also learn which skills should be prioritised and which ones can be the nice ha...

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19 Jun 2020

  Does your employer hold you up from leaving the company? Chances are, they will give you a counteroffer to make you reconsider your current job for a period of time.  Counteroffer refers to a response given to an initial offer, because the original offer was rejected. For example,...

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15 Jun 2020

  Are you working for a paycheck or are you working on your life’s mission? Would you like to discover your inner potential, hidden talents that will create abundance in your life? Read on…  Most people, especially young generations, are now on the verge of career confus...

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05 Jun 2020

  It is a common secret that recruiters would like to hire talents with work experience, including when it comes to fresh graduates. NACE Job Outlook survey revealed that 91 percent of employers prefer to hire candidates that have work experience, and 65 percent of the total group indicated...

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29 May 2020

  Applying for a job can feel like an opaque process, especially in the current job market as most employers have halted their recruitment due to COVID-19 crisis while records showing 20.2 million jobs are being cut. Despite the hiring freeze and layoffs, some companies are still opening new...

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