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17 Jun 2019

  “Sometimes it’s up to our organisation to become a little more open-minded to the fact that change happens, and, that not every person who gets fired is a bad employee.” – Tim Sackett A staggering 99 percent organisations refuse to bring back an employee who was...

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28 May 2019

  Do you know that in order to engage better with others, you should understand your and your prospective client's networking style? When attending a meeting with professionals, all you want to do is approaching them to exchange knowledge and business card with prospective clients or...

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24 May 2019

  “A particular challenge is to strengthen apprenticeship training to thus open up more sustainable employment options for workers.” – International Labour Organisation (ILO) ILO predicted that unemployment remains high and employment quality is a concern in the near fut...

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06 May 2019

  Do you know your future job depends on how you manage personal finance today? A report from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners revealed that 25 percent HR professionals use financial checks when hiring for some positions. For example, you are applying new posi...

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26 Apr 2019

  Where do you usually conduct your job interview? In a cafe or office? How do you usually do the interview? By following the conventional activities such as introduction, question and answer, then conclusion, or initiating the interview with a game? Have you heard about ‘mean mi...

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