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30 Aug 2019

  Severe talent shortage has pushed hiring managers to find creative methods in attracting qualified applicants. More and more companies feel urged to offer competitive perks and benefits so they can grab top talents’ attention to work with them - all at the expense of spending immense...

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12 Aug 2019

  A research on Talent Shortage showed that businesses are struggling in hiring talented data scientist from time-to-time. At least 50,000 positions in data science and machine learning are lying vacant due to a shortage of skilled and qualified talents. Another reason why the market becomes...

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09 Aug 2019

  Each of us has our own unique habits that make us different us from everyone else in the organisation. For example, you might spot your next-door colleague always plays with her pen when she is thinking seriously, or the coworker in front of you who talks endlessly when they are stressed....

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17 Jun 2019

  “Sometimes it’s up to our organisation to become a little more open-minded to the fact that change happens, and, that not every person who gets fired is a bad employee.” – Tim Sackett A staggering 99 percent organisations refuse to bring back an employee who was...

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28 May 2019

  Do you know that in order to engage better with others, you should understand your and your prospective client's networking style? When attending a meeting with professionals, all you want to do is approaching them to exchange knowledge and business card with prospective clients or...

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