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05 Apr 2021

  A recruitment agency hires recruiters to marry job seekers with suitable jobs and their clients with the right candidates. As a leader in a recruitment agency, where can you find the best recruiters and how do you hire them?  What you need is someone with whom you can work and shar...

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26 Mar 2021

  We are all working hard in life - there is no doubt about it. We work hard in our jobs so we can excel at work. We work hard to maintain relationships with clients or co-workers. We work hard to achieve the best results in our life. But after working hard for an extended period of time, yo...

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22 Mar 2021

  The idea of growing a steady career is always a personal challenge, especially when you are a jack-of-all-trades and your skills are unrelated to one another. For instance, you could be an IT personnel but also have a knack for marketing. Or, you have potential as a human resource manager...

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08 Mar 2021

  We dress to impress, especially when it comes to job interviews. However, putting on the best clothes with your favourite colour might send the wrong signal to the interviewers.  When it comes to persuasion, emotion is the primary target. Nothing - not even words or images - appeal...

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05 Mar 2021

  Executive presence is a term that might not be clearly defined, but has a nice “ring” to it. Some would associate it with proper communication, personal appearance, confidence or even body language. As it is often indescribable, others would dub it as the “it” facto...

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