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14 Jun 2019

  “No matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined 5 percent by your academic credentials, 15 percent by your professional experiences, and 80 percent more by your communication skills.” ­– Dr. Daniel Milstein Communication is the core of everyth...

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11 Jun 2019

  The last survey from SHRM and Globoforce showed that HR leaders see employee retention, employee turnover, and culture management as top workforce management challenges. These challenges drive companies to be more aware of how to show appreciation towards their employees’ hard work a...

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31 May 2019

  Having a close friend in workplace is a good thing to help you stay motivated at work. But what if the person you befriend is your boss? What are the pros and cons of becoming a friend with your employer? Let’s find out. An employer plays an important role in how employees improve...

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17 May 2019

  The long-held stigma saying that people with special needs will find it difficult to land a job is finally going away. Robert Austin and Gary Pisano survey showed that more organisations are welcoming people with autism in workplace as they know that autistic individuals can be a valuable...

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10 May 2019

  A promotion is a sign of the 3 critical S’s: sincerity, sacrifice, and success. It is one of the necessary ingredients for company success. A study by Project Topics emphasised that promotion is a must-do in the company as a form of employee recognition. Not only it increases healthy...

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