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21 Sep 2020

  As a job seeker, you might wonder whether the buzzword that potential employers are looking into job seeker’s social media is true or not. The answer is: employers do screen candidate’s social media before they call them for an interview or hire them. According to a survey, 70...

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14 Sep 2020

  If you are applying for work in organisations that receive hundreds of resumes for each job opening, there are good chances that they are using an applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS is an online software application that accepts and stores information job candidates input. The system is...

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11 Sep 2020

  Since the beginning of COVID-19 crisis, many companies have been choosing from a menu of options to regulate labour costs, including layoff or furlough. Meanwhile, there are also a number of large corporations like Amazon, CVS and Albertsons that actually expanded their hiring efforts in o...

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07 Sep 2020

  Contrary to onboarding, an employee’s offboarding starts when he is going to leave the company, either due to resignation or termination. In order to execute a smooth offboarding process, it is necessary to evaluate if the termination of employment is voluntary resignation or layoff....

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31 Aug 2020

  In today’s tech-driven competitive industry, retaining high-skilled tech workers and ensuring they’re engaged in their roles could be one of the biggest challenges employers have to deal with. To make the matter worse, there is currently an acute shortage of skilled workforce a...

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