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19 Jul 2021

Plan, execute, complete, and evaluate a project is how a project manager’s daily routine looks like. But what does it take to perform these tasks effectively? The right qualifications and hard skills play a vital role in project management, because technical knowledge will ensure that the proj...

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16 Jul 2021

PT Metrodata Electronics, one of Indonesia’s most reputable Information and Communication Technology companies, is committed to train future digital talents and is targeting to nurture thousands of IT (Information Technology) talents in the next five years. This initiation is carried out throu...

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09 Jul 2021

Throughout a job seeking journey, sometimes you come across a job advertisement where you are qualified for some of the requirements - but not cut out for some others. In other words, you have what it takes, but not all it takes. Should this stop you from applying? Here are some things you can consi...

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22 Nov 2019

  Work-life can be both delightful and bitter. You might find yourself plop on your desk, exhausted from working long hours. On the other hand, you might also feel energized and happy because you can finish your project in a satisfactory note that gains praise from your boss.  Which...

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26 Oct 2018

  You are young-spirited individual who is passionate about travelling and learning new things from all over the world. You have read a lot of stories about how people quit their stable and high-paying jobs for the sake of pursuing their dream to travel around the world. The idea sounds grea...

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