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28 May 2021

  Just when should you ask for a raise? Or better question would probably be, “how” should you ask for a raise?  At any point in your career, you would need to ask for a raise, but too often you find yourself doubting that intention. From over 160,000 employees surveyed b...

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24 May 2021

  Most job seekers might believe that a traditional job interview is a conversation where only the recruiters could throw questions. Today’s hiring environment, however, has changed. More than just answering delivered questions, candidates are now allowed and even encouraged to ask bac...

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21 May 2021

  Which one do you think an employer will choose: a cheerful, motivated individual or a grumpy, sluggish candidate?  Any employer will choose the first candidate in a dash. There is no doubt that self-motivation and a positive attitude are among traits employers look for in their tal...

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17 May 2021

  How to establish a career? It is as simple as finding meaning and growth in your job. A career is often symbolized with a person climbing stairs, because growing a career equals to having progress professionally. Yet, many people are stuck in the same role for years. If you find yourself b...

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11 May 2021

  Your boss is the last person you want to have trouble with at work. As best as possible, an employee wants to please their higher-ups and make them happy to avoid any untoward conflicts. And engaging with a boss is not difficult to do when you or any of the employees working with them embo...

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