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30 Mar 2020

  If you are looking for a stable job with no many requirements, a career in the oil field could be a good starter for you. Whether you are an unskilled worker or a college graduate, there is room for you in the industry. Jobs in the oil field also give one of the best pay scales for the ent...

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27 Mar 2020

  Some countries around the world are implementing strict lockdown to arrest the spread of Covid-19 cases. The governments also encourage business owners to send their workers home and work remotely, close public places and limit public transportations, as well as postponing or even cancelli...

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16 Mar 2020

  The banking industry will be undergoing a more forceful and pervasive disruption than what we have seen in recent years. Deloitte survey found that banking industries will be more open, transparent, real-time, intelligent, tailored, secure, seamless, and deeply integrated into consumer&rsq...

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13 Mar 2020

  The rapid trend of e-commerce and online businesses push suppliers to work endlessly in order to satisfy their consumers. Along with this trend, logistics and supply chain companies are also expected to continue their crucial role in assisting suppliers to give prime service to consumers....

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09 Mar 2020

  Getting a new job opportunity is exciting. The prospect of meeting new people, facing new challenges and gaining experiences, as well as working in a freshly new environment is a thrill. The new job will be even better if the new employer provides better compensation and benefits compared...

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