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06 Sep 2021

Interested to master a new skill that is actually in high demand today? You might want to consider learning about User Interface (UI) design.  As the name suggests, UI design is concerned with how users interact with a web or application interface. It deals with how people move from one screen...

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03 Sep 2021

Ever wonder who ensures the functionality and safety of every gadget before being distributed to the market? This activity of ensuring the quality of products is the main duty of a Quality Assurance (QA) Manager. Beside that, QA Managers are also in charge of managing employees, supervising manufact...

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30 Aug 2021

The demand for talents with programming expertise is rapidly growing in Industry 4.0.  From machine learning to artificial intelligence, the evolving technology offers lucrative opportunities for talents who want to stay current. If you manage to master the language of programming, you can p...

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27 Aug 2021

HR manager is most likely the first person talents know and have contact with throughout a hiring process. From job interviews to onboarding, an HR manager acts as a medium that connects candidates with the management. It is one of many things they do for a company. Payroll, benefit plans, employee...

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23 Aug 2021

You have been laid off recently. What to do now? Receiving a layoff notice is heartbreaking, but you have to bounce back as soon as possible. Upon learning that you have lost your employment, there are several essential actions to do.  First and foremost, do not panic. The global economy is...

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