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03 Aug 2020

  Finding work opportunities takes detective work, especially in times of crisis like today, because most jobs might not be posted on the internet and employers usually prefer internal hiring for a senior-level position. Yet, there are certain ways that can help you land your dream job, be i...

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22 Jun 2020

  The job of recruitment is all about marrying sales skills with psychological skills, said Brown and Swain in their book The Professional Recruiter’s Handbook. This is to say that in order to be good at a recruitment job, a recruiter needs to have an innate ability to present things i...

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19 Jun 2020

  Does your employer hold you up from leaving the company? Chances are, they will give you a counteroffer to make you reconsider your current job for a period of time.  Counteroffer refers to a response given to an initial offer, because the original offer was rejected. For example,...

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15 Jun 2020

  Are you working for a paycheck or are you working on your life’s mission? Would you like to discover your inner potential, hidden talents that will create abundance in your life? Read on…  Most people, especially young generations, are now on the verge of career confus...

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15 May 2020

  There are plenty of tools job seekers can use to get their dream job. If you cannot find the job you are looking yet, ask yourself: have you made the maximum effort to land one? If you have done your best but the result is yet to come, here are 5 tools to help maximise your job search.&nbs...

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