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30 Jul 2021

Demand fluctuation is bound to happen in any business. Be it due to seasonal or cyclical reasons, companies need to be prepared to handle changes. As much as you want your business to advance, make sure you have what it takes to deal with the rise and fall in demand, as well as how to manage the wor...

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23 Jul 2021

Team culture is a set of values, beliefs, and behavioral standards that individuals share within a company. Team culture has a significant influence on an organization’s work environment, activities, and ambience. As a leader, knowing how to build a good team culture will bring many benefits.&...

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19 Jul 2021

Plan, execute, complete, and evaluate a project is how a project manager’s daily routine looks like. But what does it take to perform these tasks effectively? The right qualifications and hard skills play a vital role in project management, because technical knowledge will ensure that the proj...

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07 Jun 2021

  Being a stand-out candidate can be an arduous job. You need to be skilful, professional, and knowledgeable. But what if you are a fresh graduate from a vocational school or university? Will you be able to compete with more experienced candidates? The answer is: Yes.  In today&rsquo...

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04 Jun 2021

  Every single day, people would walk across the office lobby in a hurry, some on the phone for hours and hours, while others finish their reports hastily with the noisy hit on the keyboard. The more everyone is under pressure to get tasks completed on a close deadline, the noisier the envir...

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