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23 Oct 2020

  Between the strategic mandates of recruitment marketing, candidate engagement and candidate experience, as well as artificial intelligence and automation tools, talent acquisition teams will have a lot to juggle in the future recruitment. That doesn’t mean a team should try to adopt...

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12 Oct 2020

  One of the top traits when hiring a recruiter is their ambiguity tolerance. Ambiguity tolerance is a degree to which an individual is comfortable with uncertainty, unpredictability, conflicting directions, and multiple demands. This trait is manifested in a person’s ability to operat...

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05 Oct 2020

  You might have heard the term recruiter, hiring manager, and human resources. For some people, these three terms refer to the same job function which is to recruit and hire the best candidates for vacant positions in a company. However, do you know that recruiter, hiring manager, and human...

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02 Oct 2020

  When you submit a resume on a job platform, please think a moment before clicking “Send”. It is because the resume formatting should be able to both remain the same after you submit them and at the same time, it can pass the applicant tracking system. Although you do not know e...

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28 Sep 2020

  Job sharing is a form of flexible working which enables two employees to voluntarily share the responsibilities and duties of one full time job. Pay, benefits and leave entitlement for job sharing are allocated on a pro rata basis (divided approximately by hours worked). It is normally pos...

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