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30 Jul 2021

Demand fluctuation is bound to happen in any business. Be it due to seasonal or cyclical reasons, companies need to be prepared to handle changes. As much as you want your business to advance, make sure you have what it takes to deal with the rise and fall in demand, as well as how to manage the wor...

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26 Jul 2021

Remote working has been on the rise for the past few years. Technological advancement, the nature of jobs, and situational needs are some catalysts for companies to let their employees work from home. Not to mention, the ongoing pandemic also contributes to the long-term boost in telecommuting. For...

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23 Jul 2021

Team culture is a set of values, beliefs, and behavioral standards that individuals share within a company. Team culture has a significant influence on an organization’s work environment, activities, and ambience. As a leader, knowing how to build a good team culture will bring many benefits.&...

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19 Jul 2021

Plan, execute, complete, and evaluate a project is how a project manager’s daily routine looks like. But what does it take to perform these tasks effectively? The right qualifications and hard skills play a vital role in project management, because technical knowledge will ensure that the proj...

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12 Jul 2021

Towards the end of a job interview, hiring managers might ask the much-anticipated last question: “Why should I hire you?”. Since it is a make it or break it question, you surely want to leave an impressive remark. The aim of this question is to see whether you can confidently ‘sel...

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