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21 Jun 2019

  There is a famous quote saying, “The best way to thrive is not to compete at all, rather than to compete and risk losing.” Do you agree? Competition can be really tiring and challenging but we cannot escape from it because the world is full of competition. Especially in busi...

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28 May 2019

  Do you know that in order to engage better with others, you should understand your and your prospective client's networking style? When attending a meeting with professionals, all you want to do is approaching them to exchange knowledge and business card with prospective clients or...

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24 May 2019

  “A particular challenge is to strengthen apprenticeship training to thus open up more sustainable employment options for workers.” – International Labour Organisation (ILO) ILO predicted that unemployment remains high and employment quality is a concern in the near fut...

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13 May 2019

  First impression is important, so is a personal brand. Branding is important for each living individual who wants to achieve better success. Blaise James, Gallup global brand strategist and senior practice consultant, said that personal branding helps individual map out the best of who...

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10 May 2019

  A promotion is a sign of the 3 critical S’s: sincerity, sacrifice, and success. It is one of the necessary ingredients for company success. A study by Project Topics emphasised that promotion is a must-do in the company as a form of employee recognition. Not only it increases healthy...

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