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03 Aug 2020

  Finding work opportunities takes detective work, especially in times of crisis like today, because most jobs might not be posted on the internet and employers usually prefer internal hiring for a senior-level position. Yet, there are certain ways that can help you land your dream job, be i...

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20 Jul 2020

  Recruitment becomes increasingly constrained by legal documents that companies must follow practices including customs, ethics, and norms. The following is a list of the legislation directly affecting the recruitment sector in Singapore. Naturally, nearly all legislation has some effect on...

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13 Jul 2020

  Recruitment is among the most essential parts within an organisation, but conducting recruitment needs thorough investment in both time and money. Recruitment requires specific budget and time allocation that will go to job advertisements and a series of hiring processes like candidate int...

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10 Jul 2020

  Finding a job could be a long, tough journey for you who has little or no work experience at all. It might be hard but should not be a pain in the neck if you start the job search by learning several different fields of employment before you look for specific job opportunities.  Th...

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03 Jul 2020

  In every job search, writing a resume should be the second most important step. The first one is to build a connection and gather information about what skills employers are seeking. As a job seeker, you should also learn which skills should be prioritised and which ones can be the nice ha...

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