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68 jobs.

(Singapore) HR Service Partner

South-West SGD 4000 - SGD 6000

First level support: support employees  in general questions such as payroll, admin of comp. & ben. incl. pension, or concerning self-service tools Employee data management. Payroll: prep...

(Singapore) Product Specialist

West SGD 3000 - SGD 3200

Outdoor Sales Role (Training Provided) Promote and market scientific products to relevant markets Provide pre-sales and post-sales support to customers (i.e. technical advice) Develop and execute...

(Singapore) Manufacturing Engineer

West SGD 3500 - SGD 4000

Leads cross functional project teams.  Major objectives may include: reducing manufacturing costs, improving manufacturing operational efficiency, optimizing product design, qualifying replace...

(Singapore) E&I Technician

SGD 2500 - SGD 2700

Responsibilities: Execute E&I maintenance and troubleshooting in order to maintain continuity of production Execute preventive maintenance for E&I; including calibration in compliance with...

(Singapore) Analytical Lab Analyst x 2

SGD 2400 - SGD 2700

Quality Control on raw material, in-process and finished product Troubleshoot and conduct cause analysis on non-conforming product Develop and improve test method and lab operation procedure Ma...

(Singapore) Clinical Project Manager

CBD SGD 5000 - SGD 7000

To be the single point of contact for company studies in regional clinical centres across Asia Pacific To work closely within the team and other Project Managers to ensure the day-to-day imple...

(Singapore) Demand Planner

South SGD 5000 - SGD 6500

In coordination with Sales, KA and Order Processing teams, establish direct contacts with the major customers in order to obtain visibility on their future demand (Collaborative Demand Planning) De...

(Indonesia) Project Manager


Project managers should have a background in business skills, management, budgeting and analysis. 

(Indonesia) Corporate Commercial Development Lead (GM)


Berperan sebagai partner bisnis terhadap M&S Director dan Hospital Directors dalam mengimplementasikan strategi bisnis secara group, termasuk tapi tidak terbatas pada pengembangan produk hingga pe...

(Singapore) Technical Support Specialist

West SGD 2500 - SGD 3500

Read electrical schematics to aid in working with contacts, servo drives, panel views, PLCs and power distribution on 24VAC to 240VAC VAC system Assist Project engineer with assembly, set-up, and d...

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