Customer Service Manager

Malaysia  |  Kuala Lumpur

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  • Familiar with the rules and regulations of the e-commerce website platform, and maintain the favorable rate and sales reputation of the stores to ensure that the account indicators are in a healthy state;
  • Lead the team to deal with messages of pre-sales, sales, and after-sales. Properly deal with returns, replacements and refund matters;
  • Process customer orders and tracking orders.
  • Hand customer complaints and bad reviews.
  • Assist the logistics department in processing orders for the responsible account
  • Collect and organize customer feedback and data records. And submit feedback regularly to urge relevant departments to improve;
  • Supervise the operation of customer service and organize relevant training for team members from time to time to improve the professionalism of the customer service team.


  1. Skilled in both Chinese and English, Office application operation and report making. Recap here that English ability should be excellent , especially in listening and oral English.
  2. More than 3 years of customer service experience, and be able to independently manage the customer service issues of pre-sale, sales, and after-sales for each account. With team management experience is desired.
  3. Careful and smart, positive, good at communication, with strong sense of responsibility, and strong service awareness is wanted.