Project Department Head

Indonesia  |  Jakarta

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To qualify, you will have at least 8 years of experience handling large-scale projects. Project management experience is highly essential. This includes tender preparation, contract negotiation, project execution, installation and commissioning, project closure and handover to clients. Basic contract knowledge is preferred. Experiences in staffing management, managing profitability, reinforcing process improvement, financial planning and strategy, strategic planning, dealing with complexity, analyzing Information, vision, and performance management will be ideal.


As the project manager, you will have the authority to approval various project management plans and have those presented to the clients. You need to ensure seamless running of site operations. Besides, it will be your responsibility to communicate and maintain a strong business relationship with them. As a key player in the team, you will have to strive for the improvements in your department and add value to the company. You will also have to accomplish different financial goals and produce transparent reports on annual budget and expenditures when required. On the operational side, you will have to achieve the targets and provide recommendation plans and evaluations. You will be accountable for executing the action plans; completing audit and keeping up with the market trends.



Project Department Head

Indonesia  |