Head of Investment Banking

Indonesia  |  Jakarta

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  • Develops and maintains a corporate, individual, and government client base
  • Researches, analyses, and interprets financial information and market trends
  • Develops financial models to analyse deals and offers to determine viability and profitability
  • Offers expert advice on investment tactics and methods
  • Secures and arranges mergers and acquisitions on behalf of clients
  • Buys and sells investments, stocks, and trusts on behalf of clients
  • Develops thorough knowledge of regulatory and legal issues in the financial industry
  • Assists clients with restructuring large debt obligations by negotiating agreements with financial institutions and government agencies
  • Identifies innovative business opportunities to help clients expand and grow
  • Guides clients through expansion of corporate or personal enterprise to maximise profits
  • Works with clients to determine amounts of capital needed to meet business goals, and identifies markets or products from which to raise capital
  • Prepares legal and financial documents to complete purchases, investments, and acquisitions
  • Consults with lawyers and other financial experts as necessary to ensure legality and the best possible outcome for new deals


  • 10 years experiences in sell side investment exposure
  • hold Bachelor degree or Master in Finance in Business administration
  • Having wide network and act as social veneer across investment and larger corporation 
  • Holding CFA Certification would be added Value 



Head of Investment Banking

Indonesia  |