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67 jobs.

(Singapore) Temp Cashier

SGD 7.5 - SGD 7

Perform cashiering duties (NETS, Cash, Credit Card & Vouchers). Provide excellent customer service to customers.

(Singapore) GST encashment officers x 60

SGD 8 - SGD 8

Assist in directing customer who wants to encash the GST cheques to the appropriate queue. Perform pre-screening, i.e ensure that the identification number printed on cheque matches with the number ap...

(Singapore) Temp Retail Assistant


Basic housekeeping, Provide customer service, Stock count, Helping full timer to pack stuff

(Singapore) Temp Admin

- Administrative duties - Data entry - System updating

(Singapore) Temp Sales Ambassador

Tai Seng

- Customer Service - Sharing of information - Creating interests in the ideas

(Singapore) Temp Telesales

- Calling out to potential customers - Promoting of services - Update systems

(Singapore) Temp for Warehouse Sales(18-19/July) X 11 pax.

SGD 8 - SGD 8

Set up & helping cashiers to pack products into bags To be stationed at entrances and exits and managing customers where necessary To assist in directing crowds during peak hour To manage a b...

(Singapore) Temp Face Model(20-21/July) X 27 pax.

SGD 15 - SGD 15

- Be make-up demo  - other duties assigned 

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