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113 jobs.

(Singapore) Temp Weekend Promoter

- Customer service - Promoting of the product

(Singapore) Temp Stocktaker


Counting of stocks Ensuring that the number of stocks tally

(Singapore) Event helper

Suntec City SGD 6 - SGD 6

Assist in event

(Singapore) Temp Retail Assistant

SGD 7 - SGD 7

- provide customer services - ensuring items in the store are neat and tidy - stock replenishing and stock counting - other ad-hoc retail duties as assigned

(Singapore) Temp Retail Assistant

- Providing excellent customer service to customers- Ensuring that the merchandise in the shop is well maintained - Handling the stock taking & housekeeping duties

(Singapore) Temp Ambassador

Providing customer services to potential public Creating the awareness to everyone Encouraging the participations Other adhoc duties assigned

(Singapore) Temp Retail Associate

Assisting in store operations Assisting in the merchandising and stock taking accordingly Ensure excellent customer service Providing information and assists the customers accordingly Other ad h...

(Singapore) Temp Promoter

Takashimaya SGD 10 - SGD 10

(Singapore) Ambassador

- Teach users on TOPUP & how to pay using App - Customer service - Encouage public to download

(Singapore) Temp Retail Assistant

- Providing customer services - Assisting in the stock taking  - Ensuring that merchandise are in place - Housekeeping duties

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