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Top 10 Factors to Ensure On-The-Job Employee Happiness

What matters most for your employees? What keeps them motivated to show up at work every day? If you think that the key lies in handing out big pay check or pampering them with flashy perks, you might need to rethink the idea. While appreciating their hard work with such financial and material resources might prove your generosity, the best thing an employer can do to retain their employee is by ensuring that they are engaged and being happy at work.

Recent Gallup’s report on State of the Global Workplace 2017 suggested that globally, only 15 percent of adults who work full time for an employer are actively engaged at work and enthusiastic about their workplace. According to the study, while engagement levels might vary by country and region, there is no country where the proportion of the employed residents who are engaged in their job exceed about four in ten.

The report said that such low percentages of engaged employees could represent a barrier to creating high-performing cultures around the world. Not to mention, employee engagement and happiness is crucial element for a productive and successful business in the long run. Owing to this reason, it comes as no surprise that employee engagement and happiness is among top concerns for employers amidst the growing competition for the best talents.

Keeping your employees contented in their job is no longer a nice-to-have requirement in employee retention strategy, but a must-have value that should be prioritised. Then the question remains, what factors make employee happy at work? Read on to learn the factors that ensure on-the-job employee happiness:

1. Interesting and meaningful tasks

People want to do something that compels and engages them. Interesting and meaningful job will make them enjoy their work, and thus encourage them to give their best.

2. Recognition and appreciation

Employer’s recognition towards employee’s accomplishments is far more crucial than financial rewards to make employees feel appreciated for their work.

3. Work-life balance

Make your employees happy by ensuring that they have a dynamic life outside the office. For example, you can offer flexible work arrangements or option to remote working.

4. Strong company culture

Offering tons of cool perks do not guarantee you to have a good company culture. That being said, you should focus on building a strong culture that embodies the organisation’s values.

5. Sense of pride

Establish a solid and powerful employer brand, such that your employees have a sense of pride and happy working in your organisation.

6. Trust and respect

Gain trust from your employees by involving them in the company’s decision-making process and respecting their feedbacks accordingly.

7. Open career development

At some point, everyone wants to leverage their professional career and personal growth. Facilitate your employees to achieve these goals by providing training and development, such that they have opportunities to hone their skills.

8. Job security

Nobody wants to go on board of sinking ship. As a credible employer, you should be able to show the business’ stability in the future to retain your best players.

9. Attractive salary

When your employees are doing their best, now is time for employer to evaluate their performance and reward their hard work with appropriate compensation.

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