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Tips to Answer the Interview Question, “Why Do You Want This Job?”

Every company must have different types of question for the candidates during a job interview. However, among the most common questions recruiters ask to their candidates would be, “Why do you want this job?”

“Well, I need paychecks to pay the bills.” This could be obvious answer for such question, yet you know it is impossible to say it out loud in front of your prospective employer. The truth is, such question is designed to gauge your passion and commitment to the job if you are accepted. Hiring managers would like to see whether you are genuinely interested with the career, or simply need any job to make a living. In other words, your answer will determine whether you deserve the job or not.

If you want to nail this question, you should bring up some good reasons which can convince the recruiter that you have good potentials. Here’s what you can talk about to answer the question:

Your skill and experience

If you have prior skills and experience in the related job field, you can bring it up while emphasising that you are keen in improving the abilities by working in the company. To appeal the hiring manager, you can something similar with: “I have experiences in the related field and I believe I can compete with other candidate with this basic skill. While I’m still learning, I see the opportunity to improve my skill in this company to be an expert in this area if I’m accepted.”

Your passion

You can explain that the job is exactly something you like to do. Express how you love the process and the challenges offered by the career. You can say: “I love to do this kind of tasks. I’m always excited in taking care of such project and put ownership in it. It has always been my dream to work in a company where I can follow my passion while making real contribution to the society.”

Your future expectation

“I wish to have a long-term career development in this job field, as well as having an opportunity to reach higher level of success in my career journey.” This typical sentence will help you answer the question by revealing your career goals and expectations. It will demonstrate that you have willingness to develop yourself when accepted by the company.

Your interest to the company

If you are interested in the company, you can express it while answering the question. When the recruiter knows that you are interested in joining the company, they will believe that you will dedicate yourself to achieve both personal and professional growth. By saying, ”I heard that the company is great. I like the culture here, where the employees seem comfortable and always have high spirit in working. I hope I can follow their positive influence”, or other expression with the same meaning, you can impress the interviewees.

The importance of the job

Given that this department is important for both company’s sustainability and society, it will be great if I can join the team and contribute in making meaningful change”. You can use this expression and give additional explanation about why you think that the position plays an important role. This answer will help you tell the recruiters that your purpose of working is not merely for the sake of money or pride, but you also think about the significance of the job itself.

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