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Stage Fright During an Interview? Five Things to Drive the Nervousness Away

Let’s face it: an interview could be both the most awaited and the most dreaded moment for a jobseeker. As an interview will determine whether someone would make or break his employment opportunity, it is crucial for candidates to ensure that they are well-prepared for the session.

However, no matter how detailed you have prepared everything, there remains chances that things are out of control. You might be struck by nervousness all of sudden and go blank out in front of the interviewer. While nervousness is a common thing that happens when one is under pressure or stress, getting panicky during an interview could cost you the job itself.

What should you do, then? Here are five things you should do to cure your nervousness during an interview:

1. Be prepared

Very few applicants are actually having enough information about the company they are applying. If you want to nail a job interview, it is crucial to do your homework and learn everything you can find about the company. By doing so, you can predict the questions and prepare for the right answers.

You should also prepare your mental and physical condition. Make sure that you are in well condition and get enough sleep. Having breakfast before going to the battle will also bolster up your readiness. You should not forget about your physical appearance too, as wrong outfit could ruin your confidence and break the chance of getting hired.

Additionally, it should be noted that arriving late is intolerable during an interview. Therefore, it will be better for you to go early, such that you can prepare yourself better.

2. Stay positive and be confident

You might have stood right in front of the meeting room, but your mind is busy wandering away. At this stage, you should trust yourself by ensuring that you are ready for the interview. Stay positive by thinking that you are going to be hired and step into the room confidently.

3. Take a deep breath

Trembling hands and stuttering voice are among common symptoms that appear when someone is nervous. If you experience these, you should focus on managing your breath. Take a deep breath through the nose, then blow it slowly through the mouth and repeat until it feels enough. Your nervousness will evaporate as you gain better focus. Taking deep breath can also help you when produce better tone of voice, such that you will not stumble over words in a stuttering voice.

4.   Maintain eye contact

Keeping your head down is not the right way to hide your fear. Not only making your voice sound weak, this attitude will also present you as an unconfident individual. Meanwhile, looking away at other objects could be a sign that you are not paying attention to the interviewer. This attitude could also be read as if you provide dishonest answers for the interview question.

How can people trust you when you do not even trust yourself? Therefore, gather up your courage and maintain eye contact with the interviewer during the conversation.

5. Be polite and friendly

The trick to drive nervousness away is by pretending that you are not meeting face-to-face with an interviewer who is going to judge and assess your performance. Instead, you should act as if you are talking to a stranger you have just met. There is no need to feel scared or anxious and act naturally. Try to relax and imagine that you are just having a regular conversation with someone you have known in a friendly way.

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