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Spill the Beans: Five Things Your Resume Says About You

What does your resume actually say about you? Chances are, most people would think that a resume is a list of information about education background, working experiences and skills, as well as some other personal details. Well, the truth is, a piece of resume can say more than just that about your potentials and professional quality.

After you finish penning down your resume, do not be so eager sending the job application to your dream employer. Instead, you should take some time to double check your resume and see what it is saying about you. Does it point out your skillsets and expertise? Does it showcase your passion and ambition? Or maybe it screams, ‘I got bills to pay. Please hire me!’

Your resume will be the first contact you have with a potential employer. It is your marketing material that helps you get an interview invitation, which makes it crucial for you to make a positive impression through it. Corporate hiring managers receive hundreds or even thousands on each job opening, so it comes as no surprise that they spend seconds to check a resume and decide if it deserves an opportunity for further round of test and interview.

Do you think that your resume is top notch that showcase your competence as top candidate? Here are five things your resume conveys about you:

1. Your relevant skills and expertise

You might have long list of skills and experience or broad areas of expertise written on your resume. However, this information will not be much help if it is not relevant with the requirements asked by the employer. Therefore, you should customise your resume and make sure that you mention particular information that is relevant with the job positions you apply.

2. Your career goals

Are you a visionary individual who is willing to move forward, or reluctant to take up new challenge? Your resume will showcase the way you see your future in the professional world. Thus, you should describe career plans and how you would do to achieve the goals.

3. Your passion

Passion for your job is one key that leads to success because with such values, employees will be motivated to learn and thrive in the business. Employers need to ensure that their future hires share the same passion and mission as the company’s, so you should articulate your passion clearly.

4. Your accomplishments

If you have previous work experience, you can list your past accomplishments that could point out your problem-solving and leadership skills. If you are fresh graduates, you can mention about other accomplishments at university or college.

5. Your efforts and personality

Employers want to know who you really are, so do not be afraid to let your personality shine. You should showcase your genuine interests towards the job roles by putting efforts in creating a pertinent resume. Take time to tailor your resume if you want to send to the different types of positions in different companies.

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