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Seeking New Career Opportunity? 5 Tips for Mature Jobseekers

Are you feeling like hitting the wall at work lately? Or do you no longer find the motivation to show up at your current job and consider to move on? Or maybe the worst-case scenario, have you just lost your job because of massive company layoffs? Regardless of the reason, there are times when you want to re-navigate your career move and seek new career opportunity. However, something is holding you back from pursuing your dream jobs: you have reached a mature age.

When you have stayed in the same job for ten, twenty years, or even more, you might think twice about the idea of changing career and going back to the talent pools. While you have the experience, you might be worried that it might be too late to compete against younger talents who have just graduated from colleges. Not to mention, many employers are reluctant in hiring mature-age candidates out of the fear that professionals tend to ask for higher compensation than fresh graduates.

Some people said that the older you are, the wiser you will be. Unfortunately, this saying does not count when it comes to job search. The older you are, the harder and longer it will take to find a suitable job. Then how should you address such age discrimination and promote yourself to potential employers? Here’s how:

Create an appealing resume

First thing you should do before going to the job competition is to update your resume. Get rid of that old-fashioned resumes and create more attractive ones. Pay attention to the resume template, add in detailed information based on your current expertise and experience, as well as put in the newest picture. While the purpose is to make it more appealing, do not overdo it as this will only make it tacky. Instead, you should keep it simple and clean by not using hard-to-read fonts or weird design. Streamlining your resume is crucial, too. Instead of writing down a long list of employment history, you only need to mention less than five of previous work experiences that are related to the position you are applying now.

Apply jobs which emphasise experiences

Being in the workforce earlier than those fresh graduates means that you have gained much more experiences than them. You can use this privilege as your key strength that will help you stay one step ahead of them. While there is nothing wrong if you want to change your direction and apply for entry level position at particular organisation, you will have better chance of getting employed when you apply for mid or senior level jobs that require five years or more work experience.

Upgrade your tech skill

Rapid digital transformation requires you to upgrade your tech skill in order to adapt with the change of time and stay relevant. Many employers today want employees who are digital-literate and comfortable in using the latest technology used by the company. Owing to this reason, it is time for you to invest in professional development or training on how to take advantage of the new technology. Additionally, learning how to use the internet will help you a lot in your job search, as you can build a new network and find the job of your dream.

Prepare for interviews

Preparing yourself face the hiring managers in an interview session is an important step in your job search. There are chances that the interviewers will ask to tell about yourself, background, skills, and experiences. When asked about why they should hire you, you should highlight your experiences and accomplishments you have achieved, the challenges you faced, as well as how you handle them. However, you should not go overboard by mentioning all your previous jobs. Only mention those that are related to the current position you are applying.

Stay energised

Employers tend to think that older candidates have less energy and focus compared to the younger ones. Therefore, you should break the stereotype by showing that you are as energised and healthy as the newer jobseekers. Pay attention to your physical appearance and dress the part. Straighten your body and flash off that friendly smile. Additionally, it is not easy to look fresh when you actually are exhausted. Therefore, keep your body fit and healthy by doing exercise, setting the right dietary habits, and sleeping well.

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