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Secure the Job Offer: Psychological Hacks You Should Use to Ace in Interview

Most of the interview advices you can find on the internet usually suggest several basic instructions: do your homework to research the background of the company, understand what qualifications are required for the job, dress up professionally and appropriately, arrive at the office on time, and talk only when you are asked.

Now you start wondering, how do you leave the room with a positive impression that will secure you a job offer?

Interview is one of the most important part in a job search. As daunting as it can be, most people would feel nervous when preparing for an interview session. A hiring decision is made not solely based on candidate's skills and experiences on paper. More than what the eyes can see, the interviewers also use gut feelings and instincts in determining whether a talent will be a good fit for the organisation or not. Having an excellent track record is not enough to land you a job, since you should be able to win the hiring manager's’ heart and attention. Owing to this reason, it is imperative for you to present yourself as a trustworthy and likeable person.

Needless to say, an interview involves a psychological play. To stand out among the sea of applicants, it is crucial to connect and engage with the interviewers. When you can make them to like you, then you will have a greater chance of getting the job contract you have dreamed of. A positive impression requires effort, which can be demonstrated through physical appearance, attitude, and ability to bring yourself accordingly.

The following psychological hacks will help you ace in the interview and increase your chances of employment:

1.       Practice the power poses

As the popular catchphrase says, ‘fake it till you make it’. It means that while you might feel nervous and anxious about the interview, you should demonstrate a confident and optimistic attitude, such that you will believe in yourself. To help you gain the confidence and improve your performance, you should practice the power poses by adopting expansive and open movement.

2.       Address the interviewer by name

Calling the interviewer’s by name is not only a sweet  manner, but also proven effective to leave positive and lasting impression. By remembering their names, it means that you respect the interviewers. However, you should not overuse it and only address it multiple times.

3.       Flash out genuine smiles

This might be obvious, but you should keep genuine smiles during an interview. It is crucial to avoid too much fake smiling, because the interviewer can tell from your eyes whether a smile is forced or sincere one.

4.       Praise them without flattery

Make sure that you come to the interview room with enough information about the company. This will not only help you answering questions, but also give you a chance to initiate a more casual conversation about the organisation. Demonstrate yourself as a fawning individual by praising the company, show enthusiasm about the business, and subtly compliment the interviewer. Avoid too much sugar-coating flattery, because this will only make you look fake and being a yes-man.

5.       Promote yourself without boasting

To land the job, it is important to present yourself as likeable person. Therefore, while you need to demonstrate your best strength and qualities, you should keep down to earth. You can promote yourself, as long as you keep it humble and does not sound like boasting. Do not only focus on how you can contribute to the business growth, but also how the organisation will help you achieve personal development as well.

6.       Mirror the interviewer’s manners

Mimicking your interviewer’s nonverbal communication is a good way to present yourself as empathetic individual. By mirroring their movements such as body language, gesture, or posture, this will increase their trust toward the candidates. However, you should make it as subtle as possible, because if you do it too obviously, they might see you as incompetent and manipulative instead.  

7.       Ask for higher salary

You might have heard about it: always ask for higher salary than your actual desired range. When it comes to the salary talk, there are good chances that the interviewer will negotiate down the number, so it would be better to aim higher at first.

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