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How to Recruit and Find Talent on Facebook?

When it comes to using social media for professional interests, most people think of LinkedIn as the best platform for sourcing talents. While the platform is solely designed to meet the needs of professionals to connect and engage in their business channel, there is another potential social media with even bigger inhabitants: Facebook.  

With significant surge of people using social media, it becomes imperative for HR leaders who wish to expand their company’s network and attract candidates from broader talent pools. Based on a latest survey by PEW Research Center, 69 percent Americans use social media on a daily basis, with Facebook ranking on the top spot as the most widely-used social media site.

It might come as a matter of no-surprise then, considering Facebook remains the most popular platform throughout the world with more than 1.86 billion monthly active users. Facebook is a virtual place where everyone spends most of their spare time.

Every day, billions of people log into their accounts and interact with each other. Additionally, as indicated by the PEW survey mentioned above, Facebook is not only familiar among Millennials, but also by people across all age groups and gender, including those in their productive ages.

However, to successfully hire the right talent on Facebook, you need to master the art of recruiting and finding talents on social media. Here’s how you can make it work:

Post jobs directly

Optimise your company’s official page not only to share company’s latest gig, but also to post job openings. You can customise the page by creating new tab for career section which comprises of current openings listed, so people are aware that your company is looking for qualified talents to fill the vacant position.

Create a simple yet attractive post about the open recruitment opportunity that will appeal to potential candidates. You should also provide direct links that will lead interested candidates to the application page.

Do not only share jobs through company’s page, you should encourage your team to do the same. Ask your staff to post and share the job openings on their own personal accounts. Use ‘Tagging’ feature to send the link directly to friends, colleagues, or families.

As more people share the link, the network circle will get bigger and more people will gain access to the information about job openings. Be prepared, as you never know who might show up in your channel. If needed be, there are additional features offered by Facebook to leverage your hiring efforts.

You can take advantage of Facebook Ads to boost your job openings. While you need to pay some price to use the service, this method will help you reach out to a larger audience in relatively short time.

Additionally, if you want to source talent directly, you can use Facebook Graph Search to find and connect with candidates who have specific experience and skillsets you need for the company.

Promote the company culture

Company culture increasingly becomes one of the main consideration for talents before accepting a job offer. If you want people to know more about your brand, use the Facebook Page to tell stories about your company’s latest updates, promote upcoming events, or even share photo albums of your employees’ get together activities after work.

Showcase how your staff works at the office, the company’s working environment, as well as the perks and benefits, such that your followers know how it looks like to be a part of the team.

Be social. It is Facebook, after all.

Do not just focus on how to attract more talent, you need to engage with them as well. You might need to create a private chat group moderated by your expert staff. The group should be aimed at exchanging advice and insights about job application process and other work-related topics.

Furthermore, you should fill up the Facebook Page with useful and inspiring posts, such as an article about the founder’s success stories or powerful quotes from prominent figures in the industry.

Considering the growing trend of social media recruitment, screening talents through Facebook should be your next HR strategy if you want to reach wider talent pool, while promoting your brand to the world. Facebook is the perfect place for talent sourcing, where you can discover passive candidates, whom you might not find on other social media channels.

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